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these are my first ever firmoo glasses and i fell in love with them. they are just the right size for me. they are my daily glasses and i get a lot of compliments. dont hesitate! if you like them in the picture, they’ll look beautiful on you
May 21 , 2019
These are really great! I got the green ones and I really love the color. I’m probably gonna get another pair in another color just to switch offs My fav pair from firmoo so far 8) I keep getting compliments on them. These were comparable to some Guess frames I saw at my optometrist but I love these 3000. If you’re thinking about getting them, get them. They look smarticles and they’re thin/sleek. Fabuloussss.
May 4 , 2019
Lisa Edwards
I absolutely loved them.
Apr 29 , 2019
Love them, I plan to buy in different colors
Apr 27 , 2019
Mary Savoy
I love these frames!! These are my favorite
Apr 23 , 2019
I’m more than satisfied with these glasses! The prescription was correct, and they’re a good quality. Not cheap feeling. They were a little crooked when I got them but nothing your regular eye doctor can’t fix. I’m pleased!
Apr 21 , 2019
I got an opportunity from an eyeglasses website called firmoo.com to buy my first pair of glasses from them for $1 and all I had to do was write an honest facebook review for them. So here it is...I ordered a clear frame and it was easy to upload my prescription and quick to order. I upgraded the lens and paid the extra 9.90 for that so it came out to 10.90 and I recieved free shipping. It took about 2 weeks for them to come in the mail. When I recieved them the first thing I noticed was how loud it makes a cracking sound when you open them. Seemed flimsy to me or like they would break on me. I also noticed scratches on the inside arms and a small red dot in the middle bottom of the frame but was on the inside so it wasn't really noticeable. The arms also looked messy with glue bubbles. I didn't like that at all. Being disappointed I wrote firmoo and asked if I could exchange them. They took 2 days to write me back and gave me a few options and when I wrote back it took another 3 days for them to respond. I chose to get another pair totally free and pay the standard shipping of 5.95 only. They said I can keep the other pair as a back-up and I ordered the other pair and waited about 2 weeks for these translucent frames with a purple tint. When I recieved them I noticed it still had that cracking sound when you open them but the arms were so perfectly flawless. No scratches, no glue bubbles. Then I look at the frame...I was a little disappointed when I see how dirty they are. All around the lens and frame it is white powdery chalky. Its along the edges of the lens and you can even see it through the translucent frame. I tried and tried to clean it but it won't come off. I also notice a few very small black dots on inside part of frame. I have ordered from many other cheaper eyeglasses websites and none have ever been so flawed. The good thing is the lens are super clear and the prescription is spot on. In the picture you can not notice the white chalky substance. I like how they look overall and they are very comfortable and so light weight it's like you aren't wearing anything. It hugs ur head behind your ears, not too tight, but enough so that it does not slip. Will I order from firmoo again? Probably not. But it's worth a try for anyone to take advantage of the cheap first pair deal. Maybe you will have better luck than I did. I would suggest not to buy clear or translucent frames if you do. Regardless of the flaws I still like them and plan to wear them. That was my honest facebook review. ? #iwearfirmoo
Apr 19 , 2019
I love this glasses
Apr 3 , 2019
Jeane Laroque-Turgeau
This was my first time buying glasses from this site and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of these glasses when I received them. They're sturdy, gorgeous, and most importantly of all Firmoo did a better job with the prescription accuracy than Zenni(who I've been buying prescription glasses from for years). These frames look a little rounder in person than they appeared online but overall I am very happy with them. If anyone would like to know for comparison, my pupillary distance if 64
Mar 3 , 2019
I got these in pink and LOVE THEM. I have a high prescription (+5.00) and was very nervous to order prescription glasses online, but they are fantastic quality and I’ll be ordering all of my glasses from here in the future. The frames seem to be durable, and they’re very comfortable.
Feb 24 , 2019