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Katarina Johnson
These look a little better than the other pair I got but overall I wish that the part that goes on your bridge of the nose was better quality. These are brand new and they kept falling down my face.
Apr 5 , 2018
Elizabeth Pja
honestly I have loved they are very nice and comfortable to wear, it would be great to make more shades of frame for this style
Apr 5 , 2018
Daniell Taylor
Bought these for my fiance.He wears prescription .so i thought why not get him some fly glasses not all glasses have to look bobkers lol .id definitely recommend theyd look great on anyone .I tried them and also ordered a similar more feminine pair just like them .ill upload puc later
Apr 5 , 2018
Steph Freeman
These glasses are wonderful! The black and gold is a super cool and chic combination and I get compliments on them all the time. I got them with tinted lenses so they can be prescription sunglasses. Super light weight as well. They're great and I love them.
Apr 5 , 2018
Daphne layton
The shape of this frame was awesome. But it was absolutely too big for my face, very flimsy. The glasses kept falling off my face.
Feb 16 , 2018
Roxane Fortin
Wow I'm in love with these!!!
Feb 14 , 2018
Kelly Broadbelt
Very nice and beautiful frames! I plan to use them for special events :)
Feb 12 , 2018
Nicole Battle-McAlily
I like these glasses on me! The frame fits my face well. My only con is that the frame is really thin. Much thinner than I expected, but I still like them.
Jan 17 , 2018
Regina Denson
I purchased the clear/gold pair. I love them so much!
Jul 28 , 2017
Susanna Rautalin
Very cool
Jul 27 , 2017
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