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I love them. They fit my fat face perfectly.
Jun 1 , 2020
It was really cute and I loved it. The only thing was the nose pads were crooked and made the glasses uncomfortable to wear. I reached out to get it replaced & the customer service was excellent!!! They sent me a coupon to get me a new pair of glasses ♡ would definitely recommend!!!!
Jun 1 , 2020
I love the way these look and how the feel!
May 28 , 2020
I love these frames, they’re fun and different. I was worried how they’d fit my face and I’m glad the width fit well.
May 27 , 2020
I wanted some larger frames and these were perfect! I was worried they would look too round (and make my face look rounder) but the detailing on the side gives them some dimension and shape. Love them!
Apr 30 , 2020
I love these frames! They fit my face so well!
Apr 10 , 2020
The frames are great, but this review is about the lenses. I hate driving at night, I literally cannot see. I invested in the driver lenses, for like $25... THE BEST $25 I’ve ever spent!!! It’s amazing how much better I can see, and not just with night driving!!! Daytime driving too. I would highly recommend
Apr 4 , 2020
Liza Rodriguez
I am in love with these frames. Out the two that I ordered, these are the ones that I liked best. They’re light but sturdy, the color and the make are beautiful. They’re so modern and romantic. I was worried my chubby face would look weird but they look so cute!
Apr 2 , 2020
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Firmoo's Reply Liza Rodriguez on Apr 2 , 2020
Absolutely beautiful frame
Mar 30 , 2020
Beautiful glasses. Super comfortable and very flattering!
Mar 28 , 2020