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patrick ouaknine
I love my new glasses, they fit perfectly. Very stylish and great quality. 5 stars!
Mar 8 , 2019
Very fast delivery and excellent customer service - thank you Agnes for your help, very appreciated! I got my first pair with wrong prescription - my own mistake that I put in a "+" instead of "-". So I received a pair of reading glasses rather than a pair of near-sight glasses. Agnes helped me and I got my new pair and just paid for the shipping fee. The only cons is that the lenses are thicker than what I thought. I chose index 1.67 and a smaller adult frame, but the lenses turned out to be still thick. My suggestion is that maybe you can have more smaller frames for selection? Overall a very pleasant purchase experience with this on-line store and will definitely recommend to my friends!
Oct 19 , 2018
Zoltan Szigeti
Frame fits perfectly. This is my first multifocal glasses. There was no problem to wear after 2 days even first day was strange to find where area is the right one to hava Sharp picture.
Oct 8 , 2018