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I’m absolutely obsessed with these. Super lightweight and comfortable. And because they’re so big, there arent any blind spots! They’re definitely a statement piece, but that’s the point. I’m currently trying to prevent myself from ordering the other colors.
Apr 6 , 2020
LOVE these frames!! If you have a medium-to-large oval or round face, these are the *perfect* oversized glasses. They’re lightweight & super comfortable to wear, while feeling stylish & well-made. I really can’t recommend them enough for anyone looking for a “geek chic” frame that doesn’t look cheap. That said, if your face is small &/or narrow, I’d avoid these. You can scroll through the uploaded photos & see that they easily overwhelm anyone whose face is on the smaller side. These really are BIG, & unless you’re going for a comical effect, I would suggest buying these only if you typically find the average frame fits you smaller than you’d like. I’m a fan of large frames, & having a medium-sized oval face, feel that I pull them off well. I get lots of compliments on these, & their super light weight has made them my current go-to in a collection of 30+ frames.
Apr 2 , 2020
Cyn ?
Amazing!! I love them
Mar 30 , 2020
Jasmine Cotton
These are great, I absolutely love love love love these glasses. The color is amazing. They have a wonderful shape. They seem very durable and lightweight.
Mar 30 , 2020
Kevin Griffiths
Great glasses. We’re bigger than I thought they were going to be, based on uploading your photo and fitting the frames. But I have to say, I love them anyway and they are my daily wear now. Quality frames, great blue light lenses. Solid case and lense cleaning cloth. Oh.... and fast shipping. Ps i purchases the black frame. Another win from firmoo.com
Mar 29 , 2020
Dear Customer, thank you for your comments. We understand that choosing a perfect frame size online can be tough sometimes so we suggest that you could please check this link https://www.firmoo.com/help-p-1.shtml for reference. Please note that the try-on feature is for the style reference only, not size. Please don't worry, we offer 30-Day Exchange&Return: Unsatisfactory glasses can be exchanged or refunded within 30 days of receiving. Only shipping fees will apply. Please feel free to contact us if you need. Stay safe and healthy! Thank you!heart
Firmoo's Reply Kevin Griffiths on Mar 29 , 2020
Stacey Barbalinardo
These frames are adorably oversized! I love them! Super comfy and lightweight, look cute with dang near anything! Had been looking for oversized frames for a while (I have a wide head), finally found them here! Will definitely purchase from this site again!!!!!
Mar 24 , 2020
It’s a great frame. Perfectly oversized. I’ve been looking for something like it for a long time. It’s big and it’s heavy, doesn’t feel cheap.
Mar 18 , 2020
Jessica Jean
Love love love
Mar 13 , 2020
I really love these glasses. The proceed was So easy and the prescription is spot on. The only thing I would do differently is order more than one pair. Great job Firmoo!
Mar 9 , 2020
Zuzanna Nguyen
These frames are so cute! They fit perfectly and I’ve received a lot of compliments ^_^
Mar 8 , 2020
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