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Semi Rimless Eyeglasses

Lightweight & classic with half rim
S2012R - $23.99
S11065M - $25.99
JD2712M - $23.99
GD1369M - $36.99
LYC1233 -  HOT $25.99
SJ5365M - $25.99
W981M - $39.00
OMJ6204T - $39.00
FRDS11146T - $36.99
OMJ6209T - $39.00
W1151M - $39.00
SJ5415M - $23.99
BNK8080T - $39.00
F26808 - $29.99
BNK5544M - $33.99
BNK8084T - $39.00
W1177M - $39.00
OMJ1801T - $39.00
B2075T - $39.00
FRDS2377T - $36.99
OMJ6578T - $39.00
W1203M - $39.00
W790M - $39.00
W813 - $39.00
BNK8081T - $39.00
W925 - $39.00
W1113M - $39.00
BNK99113T - $39.00
W923 - $39.00
BNK2006M - $23.99


About Semi Rimless Eyeglasses
Are you looking for semi rimless glasses? These hybrid frames marry the minimalistic look of rimless with the durability of full-rim. Classic and lightweight, semi-rimless styles are timeless and forever in fashion. Perfectect if you're looking for more design elements and personality than rimless frames with a minimalist look, try half-rim glasses. From golden to blue to gray, these frames still show a little personality, but with a more mature and sophisticated element. Glasses wearers who follow fashion tend to go for thicker, acetate frames. However, semi rimless eyeglasses tend to be bought by mature customers who are looking for subtle, lightweight frames. The vision with semi-rimless glasses will be wider. And it is the best choice for diamond and triangle face shapes.
Firmoo have prepared a full load of inexpensive and first-grade semi rimless eyeglasses for our decent customers featuring different shapes of half frames and more. These men's and women's semi rimless eyeglasses preserve the original taste and flavor of those classic eyeglasses at the same time, make innovations about the frame colors and invest them with an air of modernity. Do you wanna look mature and highly educated? Wearing semi rimless eyeglasses is a good way to help you make quite a stir in high-earning world.
So if you are interested in such chic glasses, Firmoo is the second-to-none choice and we feel much honored to decorate your pretty face with our exquisite semi rimless eyeglasses that will definitely make you stand out. Make smart choice at these great semi rimless eyeglasses, you will be surprised out of your wit by the wonderful deal. And we can make semi rimless glasses with reading/computer/bifocal/progressive lenses. Prescription and non-prescription are available for men and women.

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