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How can I change or cancel the order?

Eyeglasses are custom-made products, so if you want to change the order, you must leave a message about the details of the changes in your order within about 6 hours after ordering.  You can change the order here.

However, if your order status becomes "Normal", which means it is already in the stage of production, you must  contact our staff at to confirm if the order can be changed.

For the order that cannot be changed, we will start producing a new pair of eyewear based on your changed details before we ship out your package. BTW, we will charge for the price difference.

You cannot cancel the order after the initial 6 hours if the order is already in the process of fitting. Should the customer choose to directly receive refund at this stage, please contact our staff for exact cost incurred by us and we will charge you for that cost.

For any change or cancellation concerning your order, we will send acknowledgement email to you. In case you do not receive any email from us, please contact our staff at

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