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Sarah Wuerch
I picked theses glasses because they are simmiler to my favorite snapchat filter and I love these glasses. Firmoo was great to shop form fast shipping and great product
May 24 , 2020
Love them I turn them into sunglasses!
May 11 , 2020
This was my first pair of glasses with firmoo, and I loved them! In my personal preference, I think the clear version would have been a better choice but still very comfortable and pretty
May 9 , 2020
arleny chacon
I love them!!!!
May 1 , 2020
Mario HG
Love them so much!
Apr 24 , 2020
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Firmoo's Reply Mario HG on Apr 24 , 2020
This frame is perfect for my face!
Apr 22 , 2020
Omg soooo cute. Oversized perfection
Apr 18 , 2020
Blanca Elbert
I love these glasses these is my second pair. I have the all clear and clear and black. Everyone loves them
Apr 13 , 2020
Alexis Marandola
THESE FRAMES LOOOK AMAAAAZIIINNNGGG. Shipping was so fast and I absolutely love them
Apr 6 , 2020
Cool glasses
Apr 3 , 2020