Polarized Driving Sunglasses

See better and keep safer

Have any of these happened to you while driving?

·Hard to see clearly on bright and sunny day because of the strong glare.

·Squint constantly even with normal sunglasses, which causes eye strain.

·Can barely differentiate colors, like the traffic light colors.

Drive more safely and comfortably with Firmoo driving sunglasses

·Eliminate glare from intense lights and shiny surface reflections.

·Make objects sharper and enhance the color contrast on the road.

·Relieve eyes strain and provide 100% UV protection.

Firmoo driving sunglasses help you see better and keep you safer.

Firmoo driving sunglasses with polarized filter absorb horizontal light waves, while still allowing vertical waves to pass through. Basically light only travels in one direction through polarized filter which then eliminates glare.

Customer Reviews



Nice. This pair of sunglasses come with a case, a cleaning cloth and a pouch. It looks very elegant and sporty and comfortable to wear. Keeps the sun’s glare away. This pair makes me feel much more comfortable while driving. The glasses are polarized so it is less harm for the eyes when exposed to the sunlight. Just in time for the hot and sunny season.



The polarized lenses are excellent (work really well here in hot & sunny Louisiana!). Great for driving, work, jogging, hiking or just outdoors.



I love polarized sunglasses and that is all I will wear. After having these for several months, I really enjoy them and they are my go to sunglasses for driving. They grip my head very well without being too tight, but are tight enough not to slip off when I bend over. Overall, these are great polarized sunglasses for driving and outdoor activities at a price that won't have me kicking myself if something happens to them. Recommended.

Steps To Order Polarized Driving Sunglasses

1.Select a frame and choose glasses type- "Prescription" or "Non-prescription".

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2.Enter your prescription. (Ignore this step if you choose "Non-prescription".)

3.Choose "Polarized" color tint and checkout.



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About Polarized Driving Sunglasses
Visibility and clear, comfortable vision are essential for safe driving. The best type of sunglasses for driving should reduce or eliminate glare, especially from light reflecting off the roadway and other flat surfaces - such as the hood of the driver's vehicle and the windshields and other reflective surfaces of other vehicles.
Polarized sunglasses offer the best glare reduction from light reflecting off these and other surfaces and are generally considered to be the best sunglasses for driving car.
Other very beneficial features for driving sunglasses include a large, wraparound style that provides a wide, unobstructed field of view, and anti-reflective coating on the backside of the lenses to eliminate glare from sunlight reflecting off the inner surface of the lenses when the sun is behind you when you're driving.
If you are wondering the best color tint sunglasses for driving, brown, copper or amber tint will be good for your driving. They will enhance contrast on both sunny and overcast days.
Polarized sunglasses are also known as anti glare sunglasses for driving. Firmoo offers prescription or non-prescription polarized sunglasses which are your best choice for driving, fishing, golfing, skiing and hiking.

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