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Hey guys! These frames are a must buy! I love um. My only issue is that the lenght of the arms were a bit shorter than expected but they are great. I love the fact that they are "different" and wouldnt be a 1st pick for most but when i step in the room, there are lots of compliments and chatter. You have to have vision when you purchase and when i looked at the other reviews it encouraged me even more. Thank you firmoo will definitely refer customers and purchase again.
May 29 , 2020
They look great, they are a little too heavy on the nose bridge. I can't wear them too long or they mark my nose!!
May 24 , 2020
Dear Customer, thank you for your comments and we are sorry to hear that. This frame F26808 is an acetate frame, and the frame weight is 27g (which is heavier compared to other acetate frames). Acetate is a nylon-based plastic, which means it’s very strong in addition to being lightweight. You may also check here for our frame materials for more information. Please don't worry, we offer 30-Day Exchange&Return: Unsatisfactory glasses can be exchanged or refunded within 30 days of receiving. As checked, our CSR has already reached out to you via email. Please check your inbox or spam for more details. Stay safe and healthy!heart
Firmoo's Reply Karla on May 24 , 2020
Love these glasses. They are very unusual. I don't seem to get any pain around the bridge area of my nose like everyone says. I would definitely recommend. The glasses come in a nice case and bag too.
Apr 25 , 2020
Jessica Martinez
The weight on these glasses aren't proportioned right. The weight is so heavy in the front top part of the glasses. My daughter did a quick turn and they flew off her face and are all cracked now. :(
Jan 26 , 2020
Hi Jessica, we are sorry to hear that. Please don't worry, we offer 3 months warranty service which covers any possible defect in materials and workmanship. Please check here for details: https://www.firmoo.com/help-p-73.shtml.  Our CSR will reach out to you via email (within 24 hours during weekdays and 48 hours when weekends). Please check your inbox or spam mail. Thank you.heart
Firmoo's Reply Jessica Martinez on Jan 26 , 2020
I love,love,love my glasses they are stylish and the script is perfect as well as the tint, at first I was Leary to purchase these frames based on the reviews stating that the nose area was too tight and uncomfortable but now I'm glad that I did order them as I have had no discomfort in that area. I guess it has more to do with the size of the nose and face. Firmoo will be my eyeglass store until they are no more, they have a great frame selection and they make your script spot on and they have a customer service unlike any other eyeglasses site I have dealt with. If you order a frame that was out of your comfort zone they will exchange it for you for the pair you want no fuss, no muss and no restocking fees. With this being said I ordered another style for my Husband which he tried on and loves and made the comment that he can see better out of these then the ones he got last year from Zenni!. Thank Firmoo!!!!!!!
Dec 16 , 2019
Love these frames!!! So retro!!
Dec 13 , 2019
Son bien incomodas en el area de la nariz, dejándote una marca bien indeseable. No las recomiendo.
Nov 21 , 2019
Dear customer,  we are sorry to hear that. We have checked that our CSR has already reached out to you. Please check your inbox or spam for more details. Thank you.
Firmoo's Reply Gla on Nov 21 , 2019
Love, Love Love!!!! I bought the pink and purple multi colored and the nose bridge is a little narrow but I have a very thick nose bridge and I am still keeping them! I love how they are big and round with no bottom frame so I can see my laptop with no distracting frames to see out of the corners of my eyes.
Nov 9 , 2019
Regina Doherty
I love these glasses. Sadly they are waaaay too big for my face.
Oct 11 , 2019

Dear friend, thanks for choosing Firmoo. Choosing a satisfactory glasses can be hard sometimes. Here are some tips about it: https://www.firmoo.com/help-p-1.shtml

Firmoo's Reply Regina Doherty on Oct 11 , 2019
I love them!! Just order A few more pairs
Jun 29 , 2019