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Is clear lens glasses good for eye protection?

When I use the computer for long periods of time, my eyes tend to get really red and sore. so my question is, do wearing clear lens glasses help a little or not?

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  • Zoe may

    Clear lens glasses can protect you from wind or dust. By adding anti-radiation coating, Clear glasses can filter out some radiations that may harm your eyes. It may help a little for your eyes but I think you'd better get a pair of Computer Glasses and use lubricating eye drops.
  • Christopher

    clear lens glasses will not work very well for your problems. You probably are suffering CVS by staring at the computer screen for long periods. Using lubricating eye drops may help relieve it.
  • walkingfetus

    Clear lens won't protetc your eyes. They won't damage your eyes, either. When you use the computer, you keep staring at the computer screen and seldom blink, so you might get dry eyes with the symptoms of red and sore eyes. You can get a pair of computer glasses which can make you relieve from CVS.
  • b3autyqu33nof17

    No. Clear lens glasses won't help you deal with the problem that is caused by using the computer for a long periods of time. To avoid the CVS, you can get a pair of computer glasses. When you use the computer for a long time, you should take regular breaks to give your eyes enough time to rest. Doing eye exercises can also help you relieve from eye strain.

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