Clip on glasses and prescription sunglasses for UV protection

May 30th, 2010 by Paul Benjamin Leave a reply »

It is a common concern among individuals who use prescription eyeglasses when they stay under sunlight. To state exactly, their need for eye protection against harmful rays can not be met even if their vision problems can be corrected by rectifying lenses. Well, this is absolutely a big problem because certain rays are really harmful due to the damaging to the ozone layer. At the same time, this group of people can not go without the help of prescription glasses, so that a single pair of sunglasses is incompetent. In a word, both of these two aspects should be considered and the needs be met. Currently, there are two kinds of eyewear products that help resolve these problems: clip on glasses and prescription sunglasses. Both of them are innovative and relatively new products.

Eyewear designers are creative enough that they have developed simple form clip-on eyewear which can clip onto regular eyeglass frames. People wearing regular prescription eyeglasses for vision correction can now resort to an extra pair of clip on glasses for UV protection. Exactly, a clip on eyewear does not have complete frame, at least no temples. The two lenses are connected by a special bridge with related parts for clipping. Till now, it is easy to understand that clip on sunglasses can help Rx eyewear users gain UV protection while being outside. As suggested by this name, clip on eyewear is separate from the regular Rx eyewear, which provides additional convenience. When UV protection is needed, the wearer can clip it on. And when he or she stays indoors, it is the time to take it off and regular prescription glasses function solely.

In addition to clip on glasses, prescription sunglasses can also provide both vision correction and UV protection at the same time. The latter type refers to sunwear which has lenses that can both block out harmful rays and offer vision aid. This relies highly on the technological advancements in eyewear lens industry. It is really exciting that these lenses have become a reality that a single pair of prescription sunglasses is bi-functional.


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