Why Does Everyone Who Wears Glasses Look Ugly When They Take Them Off?

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Ugly probably isn’t quite the right word. Missing may be more accurate. Maybe you’re just not used to it.

When someone who wears glasses takes them off, it looks like they’ve removed part of their face. You see the glasses as an integral part of the face and now they are gone. And if their glasses have stronger lenses, without glasses their eyes can change shape and size. And there’s the slightly bewildered look, as without glasses, the person may have troubling focussing.

When we look in a mirror our minds expect to see one thing but when we see anything off we immediately feel uncomfortable.

The same thing happens when you look at someone face. If you keep looking at someone without their glasses you’ll get used to it eventually.


How To Damage Your Eyes To Wear Glasses?

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Needing the glasses has to do with the shape of the eye and the chemistry within the eye so not something you can just do without injury to change this.

Why would you want to damage your eyes?

To be honest, there is no reason to do this. If you only want to wear glasses for styling, you can wear “prescription” glasses with a prescription of 0.00 or what we call “plano”. So you can get all the same features as any person that needs to wear glasses, just with 0.00 power.

Non-Prescription Glasses

You can also start wear eyewear for the exact opposite reason: “preserve your sight”. You can select  some kind of lenses that protect you from blue light of screens/monitors;

Blue Light Blocking Glasses




How do glasses work?

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Firstly, you need to know what causes the visual problems:

Just like a camera, your eye has a lens, exposure meter and automatic focus. The major parts of the eye are the cornea, iris, lens and retina. The sclera is the outer layer of the eye that protects the retina and inner layers. The cornea is transparent and allows light to flow through it to the pupil. The pupil opens and closes, regulating the amount of light that passes to your retina. The ciliary muscles are located behind the lens and contract or expand, changing the curvature, or focus, of the lens. The retina contains photoreceptor cells that receive light and are made of rods and cones. Rods help with black and white vision and cones aid color vision.

Vision problems occur when the image focused on the retina is focused either too far back, resulting in farsightedness or too far in, resulting in nearsightedness.

How glasses work ?

For nearsightedness, glasses correct the problem of the eyeball being too long to focus upon a far away image projected onto the retina. The glasses offer a concave lens that bends light rays outward, which normalizes the eyeball. In farsightedness, the eyeball is too short to focus upon objects that are near. Glasses use a convex lens that bends the light inward before it reaches the eye’s lens, thereby correcting vision.

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What are some advantages that people who wear glasses have that others don’t?

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Wearing glasses can express different feelings. This could be the advantage that others don’t have.

1.We can put our glasses lower on nose and stared at someone to look professional. It may also express your doubt.

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2.When the glasses reflect lights, we look scary. (especially in comic)

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3.When we push it, we look smart and cute (ok I think sexy as well).

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4.The most important! We can use lenses to set fire in the wild! That`s awesome!


Why Should You Wear Sunglasses?

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Different people have different reasons to wear sunglases.  Some people might just wanna be cool or to match their clothes or hair etc.

Some poeple choose to wear sungalsses to hide something.

Of course, most people wear sunglasses because they need to protect their eyes. Check the functions of sungalsses below:


Sunglasses prevent strong light irradiation.

When the eye receives too much light, it will naturally shrink the iris. Once the iris contraction to the limit standard, then people need to squint.

If the light is still too much, such as the snow reflected the sun, will produce damage to the retina.

Quality sunglasses can filter out up to 97% of the light entering the eyes to avoid injury.


Sunglasses prevent glare exposure.

Some surfaces, such as water, can reflect a lot of light, and this will disrupt the line of sight produce bright or hidden objects.

The Use of high-quality polarized sunglasses can completely eliminate glare exposure; we will introduce later polarizing technology.


Sunglasses can eliminate specific frequencies of light.

Certain frequencies of light can blur vision, while other frequencies of light can enhance the contrast.

Choosing the right color for the sunglasses, in certain circumstances it get better results.

When buying a pair of cheap sunglasses, you’ll have to give up

these advantages, and even make it worse.

For example, if your sunglasses do not provide UV protection, it will take you more exposed to UV light. Cheap sunglasses filter out a portion of the light, causing your iris to open to receive more light.

This also would allow more ultraviolet radiation to enter, increased ultraviolet radiation damage to the retina.

Also, you can add your prescription to the sunglasses, so that the glasses wearer don’t have to worry about get hurt buy sunshine.





What Is Korean Style Glasses?

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Recently, a new trend has slowly but surely taken over the streets of Korea. The trend of glasses. Started by celebrities (mostly idols) this ‘Harry Potter glasses syndrome’ has almost everyone wearing round glasses.

This is the Harry Potter style round glasses..

Korean style glasses are very popular these years. Hipster, round metal glasses, but having lenses in them reduce their cool a few dozen notches.

The glasses frames that have been selected for this fashion statement are like super charged. These no lens glasses now come in all sorts colors and shapes, are sold everywhere fashionable youth go, and have become exceptionally popular among both female and male hipsters.

Moreover, you might even notice that some people’s korean glasses don’t even have lenses, they are purely for decoration.

Do you like this style? Do You think they are fashion?


What is the best way to clean a pair of eye glasses?

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Cleaning eyeglasses is an inevitable work for all eyewear users. Even if they are encouraged to keep the glasses in a case when not in use, the eyewear will be polluted by dust and other particles when it stays on the face. This tiny task is to some degree complex and requires careful treatment. Some incorrect practices should be avoided. Cleaning eyeglasses on a daily basis is the indispensable way to keep the lenses and vision clear.

What should be removed from eyeglasses?

Eyeglasses may be polluted by dirt, oil, smudge, fingerprint etc. It is necessary to remove all these sources on a daily basis. Doing it every day is the only way to avoid long-term buildup.

Correct method for cleaning eyeglasses

Step 1: Wash the glasses using warm water

In this process, most dirt particles and oil on the surface of the lenses can be removed. After working in a dusty environment outdoors, these particles are easy to build up on the lenses. Rinsing the glasses in this way helps in minimizing abrasion and scratches.

Step 2: Dunk eyeglasses with soap

After the first step, some oil or greasy deposits may still stay on the lenses. It is always necessary to use dish soap or mild hand soap to make further lens cleaning. Dunk the glasses in a container filled with warm water and suds from a mild dish soap or mild hand soap. It is encouraged to swish the eyeglasses around in the container.

Step 3: Rinse the eyeglasses with tap water

In this step, running tap water will help wash off the soap liquid. It is important to rotate the glasses so as to get both sides of the lenses washed. Ensure that no washing up liquid remains.

Step 4: Dry it with damp cloth

It is worth emphasizing that the cloth should be folded and touch both sides of the lens at once. Use the thumb, index and middle finger to move the cloth from left to right in slow motion. It is necessary to apply mild force onto the lens.

Step 5: Check up whether there are stubborn spots or bits of washing-up liquid

After drying up the glasses completely, the finally step is to make sure that no stubborn spots or bits of washing liquid have been left up. Then the glasses can be put back onto the face or into the case.

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Incorrect practices

  • 1.Never use a dry cloth to rub hard the lenses.
    Some people incorrectly use the tail of a shirt to clean eyeglasses.
    Abrasive fibers contained in clothing fabrics will scratch the lenses.
  • 2.Facial tissue should also be avoided when trying to dry the lenses, because the wood fibers can damage the lenses.
  • 3.Avoid hot water when the frame is made of plastic.
  • 4.Do not use unknown chemical solutions for rinsing
    or dunking the glasses. Homemade soap water or professional cleaning
    solutions for eyeglasses are recommended


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1. This prescription is issued in vertical format, while most the prescriptions are of horizontal ones.

2. This prescription use the plain English with no abbreviations from Latin.

3. SPH= Sphere=Spherical, is the strength of your prescription,
bears sign “+” or “-”, “+”refers to farsightedness and presbyopia,
“-”refers to nearsightedness. If “PL” or “Plano” is stated at the place of SPH on your prescription, please enter0.00 for this option.

4. CYL= Cylinder= Cylindrical, i is the diopters degree of the astigmatism. This number also has “+” or “-” signs. If “DS” or“SPH” or “spherical” or “PL” is stated at the place of CYL, it means you have no astigmatism and 0.00 is the option required to choose.

5. Axis, is a number between 0 and 180 degrees, and means the
orientation of your astigmatism. There is no sign before this number.

6. PD= Pupillary Distance, in this sample, the PD is written as
“62/59”, in which “62” is the “ Far PD”, while “59” is the “Near PD”

7. Add= Near Addition, means the power strength to be added to the
Sphere number for making single vision reading glasses or bifocal and
progressive eyeglasses. In this prescription, the “Add” numbers are put
under the “Add” spaces. Some of the doctors may write one number with
sign such as “+2.00” in the middle of the space under “Add.”, which
means your both eyes have the same Add numbers.

8. In writing the decimals in this prescription, all the decimals
are written with the decimal points being clearly there. You can just
enter all the numbers as shown on the prescription sheet in our webpage.

Notice: Please pay special attention to the “+” or “-” before the numbers ( SPH and CYL ).

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How To Select The Best Pair Of Glasses/Sunglasses To Suit Your Face Shape?

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First, I recommend a website about the choice of glasses according to the shape of your face. You can click try on and upload your own photos to see the effect of wearing different glasses.


Then let’s selected types of glasses according overall feeling of your face.

1. Round Face

This shape  fits  angular eyewear.

Frame with wide bevel makes the face look a little longer.

Thick frame or dark glasses are also very suitable.

A perfect circular frame is not a good choice for the face.

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2. Heart-shaped Face

This face shape can choose oval and thick frame glasses or larger frame.

So that it can balance the facial lines and distract people from the chin.

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3. Oval Face

This face it the luckiest. It is the standard face.

Suitable for all types of glasses in principle.

Below is an example of a large square glasses. This will focus on the central of face.

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4. Square Face

This face is suitable for wearing round or oval frame glasses.

It will make the facial lines look round.

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5. Diamond-shaped Face

For this face, wearing oval and browline frame is better, in order to ease stiff facial lines.

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6. Oblong Face

Not suitable to wear angular glasses.

You can select thick frame or big round glasses.

This can shorten the length of the face in the visual.

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Few Tips:

1. Pay attention to the color. You are not going to cosplay or do magic.

2. Do not choose oversized frame, if you just want to wear it in normal daily life.

3.Just one pair of glasses is hard to handle different styles. You can prepare 2-3 different glasses to fit your dress. >>buy one get one free now

Wearing glasses can be fashion and cute if you find the right one;)

10 Glasses Shapes Every Glasses Wearer Should Know

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Round Eye

Circular shaped lenses and frame. Eternalized by John Lennon.


Cat Eye

Top outer edges pointed up and rounded bottom. Marlyn Moroe’s favorite.



Medium squared shades with thick plastic frame. Iconized by Bob Dylan and Andy Warhol.



Originally developed in 1936 by Ray-Ban for pilots. With triangular oval lenses and very thin metal frames.



Quintessential masculine 50’s and 60’s iconic eyewear. Featuring Keyhole bridge and thick acetate rim.



Also called brownie from the fact that the bold upper part of the frames frame the lenses in the same way that eyebrows frame the eyes.



Oval shaped glasses are very popular in all sizes, colors and materials.



Squared sunglasses in several different sizes, frames, colors and materials. The most iconic one is the oversized, acetate framed style known as Jackie O sunnies.



Lenses with a distinct, butterfly wing shape. Generally oversized with plastic frames.


Ful Vue

Partially or totally rimless, with a single “eye wire” running along the top of the frame connecting the nose bridge and temples (arms).


Which shape is your favorite?