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Clip on glasses and prescription sunglasses for UV protection

May 30th, 2010

It is a common concern among individuals who use prescription eyeglasses when they stay under sunlight. To state exactly, their need for eye protection against harmful rays can not be met even if their vision problems can be corrected by rectifying lenses. Well, this is absolutely a big problem because certain rays are really harmful due to the damaging to the ozone layer. At the same time, this group of people can not go without the help of prescription glasses, so that a single pair of sunglasses is incompetent. In a word, both of these two aspects should be considered and the needs be met. Currently, there are two kinds of eyewear products that help resolve these problems: clip on glasses and prescription sunglasses. Both of them are innovative and relatively new products.

Eyewear designers are creative enough that they have developed simple form clip-on eyewear which can clip onto regular eyeglass frames. People wearing regular prescription eyeglasses for vision correction can now resort to an extra pair of clip on glasses for UV protection. Exactly, a clip on eyewear does not have complete frame, at least no temples. The two lenses are connected by a special bridge with related parts for clipping. Till now, it is easy to understand that clip on sunglasses can help Rx eyewear users gain UV protection while being outside. As suggested by this name, clip on eyewear is separate from the regular Rx eyewear, which provides additional convenience. When UV protection is needed, the wearer can clip it on. And when he or she stays indoors, it is the time to take it off and regular prescription glasses function solely.

In addition to clip on glasses, prescription sunglasses can also provide both vision correction and UV protection at the same time. The latter type refers to sunwear which has lenses that can both block out harmful rays and offer vision aid. This relies highly on the technological advancements in eyewear lens industry. It is really exciting that these lenses have become a reality that a single pair of prescription sunglasses is bi-functional.

A comparison between prescription sunglasses and clip on sunglasses

May 29th, 2010

The popularity of clip on sunglasses in the eyewear industry is to a large degree reasonable. It reflects people’s natural pursuit for savings because prescription sunglasses are usually considerably more expensive. In fact, prescription sunglasses and clip on sunglasses have both advantages and disadvantages. For instance, prescription sunwear is convenient because it eliminates the necessity to put on and take off the clip ons. Participating in an outdoor activity, a single pair of Rx sunwear will be enough for vision defected people. However, Rx sunglasses cost much more than regular Rx glasses, ordinary sunwear and even a combination of both. In addition, prescription sunglasses are unnecessary when the wearer enters an indoor environment because sunlight is absent. Using an expensive pair of Rx sunwear can thus be wasteful.

Meanwhile, we should also recognize that clip on sunglasses are not perfect, for they require probably frequent clipping and removing. But they are quite more affordable by ordinary individuals than prescription sunglasses. For most users, it is acceptable to clip on extra sunshade onto their regular Rx eyeglasses. Another benefit of using clip ons is that it is easy to get another pair if the old pair gets lost, scratched or even broken. The reason is that clip ons are separate and it is unnecessary to spend a lot of extra money on a pair of prescription sunglasses. Currently, clip ons come from the simplest styles to high end designer styles. This enables their wearers to enjoy various looks, which is the reason why many people keep more than one pair for different circumstances.

Nowadays, clip on sunglasses are available at mainly three types, magnetic clip-ons, magnetic flip-ups and true clips. Magnetic clip ons are usually polarized and can block out harmful UV rays and glare. Their magnetic feature makes them easy to use and just “click” into place. Nearly no effort is needed to snap them on. Magnetic flip-ups are also magnetic but they require a bit effort to put onto the frame. The benefit is that they do not require additional effort of removing and putting back. They will flip right up when UV protection is unnecessary. The third type is true clips, which have claws that hook to the regular frame. Of course, they are the most cumbersome to put on and take off.

Prescription Sunglasses- Popular all the Time

April 20th, 2010

If judged from different standpoint, sunglasses can be fallen into various types. For example, from a perspective of being prescribed or not, there are non-prescription sunglasses and prescription sunglasses. Usually, non-prescription sunglasses are very popular among people with no eye problems, whereas prescription sunglasses are good alternatives for people with some particular eye problems. But there is a fact that more and more people are now suffering from eye problems of different sorts. Therefore, it is urgent to tell something about prescription sunglasses that are used for vision correction. Moreover, here is a trend that that prescription sunglasses become some of the most beloved products among wearers of different groups, for various sorts of reasons.

Prescription sunglasses can make sure that people with certain eye problems can regain their vision. For example, some of the most common eye problems, like myopia, hyperopia, etc. can be treated with them. Still, some other serious eye problems, like both presbyopia, astigmatism, and so on, can also be treated by them if some particular designs are made. Therefore, people can also enjoy the comfort and happiness of sunglasses though they have some eye problems- this is one of the great reasons why prescription sunglasses can maintain their momentum in sunglasses industry.

And one point should be noticed. Now that they are called prescription sunglasses, prescription is essential. This is because all those sunglasses are meticulously and strictly made according to the information on the prescription. Therefore, people are suggested to send their latest prescription to the retailers whether they buy from real optical stores or from online vendors. And the word “latest” means “within 12 months”. So, if their prescriptions are over one year, people should visit their opticians and re-get their eye prescription, mainly because people’s eyes always change as time goes on.

People can find prescription sunglasses made from different materials. Usually, there are many materials that can be used to manufacture prescription sunglasses. For example, the first glasses and sunglasses lenses are made from glass; later, some plastics are also employed, for they are much lighter than glass; following that, some polycarbonate are also used, which are lightweight, explosive-proofed, much transparent; and now, there are sunglasses made from photo-chromic materials that will adjust colors according to the surroundings. Of course, many other materials are also used. And people can get prescription sunglasses made from one of the above mentioned materials.

Furthermore, prescription sunglasses can now completely protect wearers’ eyes. Now, people tend to spend more time for outdoor activities. But there is a problem that more harmful rays and radiations in the sun lights will also cause great damage to their eyes at the same time. Luckily, it can be avoided by wearing prescription sunglasses that can filter out almost all UV rays, all blue-light, and many other harmful radiations.

In a word, prescription sunglasses now become the beloved alternatives for many people. Anyone who is now wearing other prescription glasses can also have a try.

Are There Any Prescription Sunglasses for Small Faces?

April 17th, 2010

Sunglasses are now becoming some of the most beloved devices for people of all age groups. In particularly, those who are fashion-oriented tend to pay more attention to them, partly because those sunglasses can be used as accessories. Or some people love to wear prescription sunglasses, for those sunglasses are really personalized and individualized. However, some worries arise subsequently- can people with small faces find their suitable prescription sunglasses? Yes, there are prescription sunglasses for small faces in the market.

It is true that, in the glasses industry, the sizes of faces, to a large extent, play decisive role in lenses prescription. Therefore, people should consider factors related to face while buying prescription sunglasses. Usually, it is a little bit hard for people with small faces to get ideal sunglasses, largely because sunglasses suitable for them are really hard to make. But the fact is- after considering the needs and demands of consumers in particular groups, many designers and manufactures prompted some personal services. And buying prescription sunglasses for small faces becomes practicable and possible.

Then, how to get those unique sunglasses that are for particular consumers? Generally, there are two major ways to buy them, say, buying from optical stores and online retailers.

Real optical stores will provide some particular services for people who are in need of prescription sunglasses for small faces. This is because the making of those sunglasses is in need of great care and design. The opticians will consider several things- the accuracy of prescription; the styles of the glasses; fitness for wearing, etc. So, people are asked to receive some particular eye examinations while prescribing. The sizes of their faces, the length and height of the two eyes, etc, will all be measured. Still, one of the greatest functions for sunglasses is to make the wearers nice and cool to see. And prescription sunglasses should be much advanced, for they are meticulously manufactured according to people’s personal demands and situations.

Another very popular ways to get those sunglasses is to buy from online vendors who provide products of thousands of styles and designs. That’s to say, prescription sunglasses for small faces are just some of their common products. However, there is a contradiction- new users of prescription sunglasses are not suggested to use this method. This is because those sunglasses must be made on the basis of personalized prescription. And online vendors can not provide such services, like prescribing. Regular buyers, by contrast, are suggested to get via it. What they need do is to send to the vendors their latest eye prescription, in which some basic information is included. There are still some other merits in this method- time-saving; cheap; more alternatives, etc.

Ultimately, prescription sunglasses are only made on the basis of wearers’ personal information. Therefore, people of any face shape sizes, let alone small faces, can find their most suitable and beloved prescription sunglasses.

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Cool Prescription Sunglasses and Their Attractiveness

April 16th, 2010

It is a great idea to wear sunglasses if people want to enjoy their vocation on beaches or in any other outdoor activities. However, which sunglasses are suitable? It is very hard to tell. But facts have proved that cool prescription sunglasses is now becoming some of the most popular items in the market sine their emergence. As their names, those sunglasses are very cool. Furthermore, the cool means not only wearers are cool to see, but also those sunglasses are also cool in their functions, quality, styles, and so like. This can easily explain their popularity. Here is a more detailed introduction about them.

Cool prescription sunglasses can make wearers very cool to see. To be cool is one of the most desired things for many people. In particular, some young people try every possible ways to make them cool, such as, wearing unique hair dressing, fantastic clothes, and so like. But they later find that cool prescription sunglasses can make them much cooler compared with their accessories. One common phenomenon is when celebrities have worn some unique sunglasses on particular occasions, their fans will follow them and some new fashion trend arises as a result. The reason why those fans love to follow can be categorized into two categories- one is those celebrities are their idols and what they wear or do should be imitated; another is those sunglasses can really make wearers cool and those fans also want to be looked cool. In addition, people can also get their beloved colors or styles while buying those sunglasses. This can also help highlight their personal tastes and elegance.

Cool prescription sunglasses are also suitable for people with common eye problems. All people love to wear sunglasses in summer. But these desires can not be satisfied in the not-distant-past, for sunglasses are just for accessories only then. Fortunately, with the development of technology in the industry, many sunglasses can also be used for vision correction. For example, cool prescription sunglasses can also cure some common eye problems, like myopia, hyperopia, etc. And now almost all people can wear sunglasses as a result, except for some few populations.

Cool prescription sunglasses can safely protect wearers’ eyes from be injured by harmful rays around. For example, when doing some outdoor activities, people’s eyes are threatened by UV rays in the sunshine and glares reflected by mirror-alike objects; when working before some special equipment that may emit harmful radiations, people’s eyes are also susceptible. Luckily, all those worries and troubles can be solved by cool prescription sunglasses.

Furthermore, those sunglasses have many other merits- light weight, this can ensure much greater comfort for wearers; explosive-proof, this can protect wearers’ eyes when the lenses are broken, etc.

Ultimately, cool prescription sunglasses are suitable for people almost all age groups. Particularly, they are good alternatives for kids who hate to wear glasses and often do some outdoor activities.

In a word, cool prescription sunglasses are cool in many aspects. If one wants to sense such cool, just have a try.

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Prescription sun glasses – A good choice

February 14th, 2010

Most of us must have the experience of looking for clip-on sun lenses worn over our normal eyeglasses when we go outdoors. In this case, a pair of prescription sun glasses will be a good substitute and a better choice.

The function of prescription sun glasses is equal to a combination of eyeglasses (or contact lenses) and a frame of sun lenses. The 2 in 1 prescription sun glasses make the outdoor activities more at ease. For example, for contact lenses wearers, it is not healthy and good to wear non-prescription sun glasses over the contact lenses to go to beach where aquatic activities may be watery.

Prescription sun glasses can be made based on virtually all the lenses prescription, it is almost the same as prescription eyeglasses. Single vision, bifocals and multifocals are all available for prescription sun glasses.

There are wide frame choices for prescription sun glasses. But not all the frames for non-prescription sun glasses are suitable for all the prescription sun glasses. For example, some wraparound styles are not suitable for prescription sun glasses, as the prescription lenses have optical centers to match the wearer’s PD.

Something special for prescription sun glasses is the polarization. Polarized prescription sun glasses add more reflective protection from water wave, concrete road and other places which easily reflect sunlight to the eyes.

Lenses for prescription sunglasses

January 1st, 2010

There is a wide choice for the lenses of prescription sunglasses. Most of the lenses materials are available for prescription sunglasses, such as glass, CR-39 resin and polycarbonate. The tints of lenses most frequently used are brown, yellow, blue, purple and green.

Yellow and brown prescription sunglasses are good for sports like golf and shooting. For fishing and hunting, wearers need sunglasses with polarized lenses to reduce the glare from water and mountain.

Another choice for purchasing a pair of prescription sunglasses is to choose the photochromic lenses. Photochromic is a patent technology owned by Transition. Photochromic lenses can automatically darken when wearer is exposed to UV rays from strong sunlight, and change back to clearer look when wearer is indoors. Photochromic prescription sunglasses are highly welcome, but still have some defects. They don’t darken enough inside the car while driving because windshield has blocked most of the UV rays. Another shortcoming is that the tint of photochromic prescription sunglasses is not ample in extra bright sunlight.

Optical experts suggest a combination of normal prescription eyeglasses and a frame of clip-on, or a pair of photochromic prescription sunglasses and a clip-on. This will suit a wearer under most of the lighting conditions.