Three Kinds of Sunglasses for People Suffering Vision Problems

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Nowadays, the number of people who suffer vision problems such as myopia is on the rise. Their eyes are very delicate due to their problems. So they should pay more attention to protect their eyes compared with common people especially in the hot summer. As we know, the harmful UV rays are strong enough to damage our eyes, especially the defective eyes. So people wear various kinds of sunglasses to block harmful UV rays. However, it is not easy for people who suffer vision problems to find proper sunglasses. As it is of great importance to protect eyes for them, the following three kinds of sunglasses will help them out.


Clip on sunglasses- they are also called magnetic clip-on or sunshade models. In fact, they are not sunglasses and they also can become common regular rx eyeglasses. They will turn to a pair of new sunglasses if you attach them a pair of clip-on lenses. Consisting of two lenses, clip-on sunglass is a combination of a pair of rx glasses and a pair of polarized sunglasses. So they can offer you vision aids and eye protection against UV rays. Thanks to the foldable feature, you can take the outside layer off when you don’t need them.

Rx eyeglasses with tint- there is another way for people who have poor eyesight to meet their demand of wearing sunglasses. You can make your rx glasses tinted. After that, your common rx glasses will turn out to be a pair of sunglasses. When it comes to tints, you should know necessary information about different tints that have different effects. For example, amber tint can block out blue light and improve contrast. And then choose UV coating for your rx glasses. So take your time to find the suitable tint and add UV coating for your rx glasses, which can make your common rx glasses become a pair of fresh sunglasses.


Wraparound rx sunglasses- they are really rx sunglasses made of rx lenses. Different from common rx sunglasses which consist of rx glasses and tints, they are specially made of rx lenses during the manufacturing process. So they are much helpful for people who suffer vision problems. In addition, compared with common rx glasses, wraparound rx sunglasses offer better eye protection because they can prevent UV rays and glare from all angles, while common sunglasses block strong sunlight only from the frontal angle, which lets sunlight still have access to enter into your eyes. Beside, you also can make a fashion statement with them because of their fashionable design.

Women's acetate full frame prescription sunglassesWomen’s full frame plastic wrap around rx sunglasses

Women's full frame plastic wrap around rx sunglassesWomen’s full frame plastic wrap around rx sunglasses


A lot of eye problem sufferers are eager to get proper sunglasses to prevent harmful sun rays and make a fashion statement as well. These three kinds of sunglasses mentioned above will absolutely meet their needs. As summer is coming, just go ahead and find the most suitable one for you.


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