Guide to Sports Vision

All about Ski Goggles

A pair of ski goggle consists of lenses, frame and headband. Among three components, the most important part comes to lenses because all the functions of ski goggles embody on the lenses such as anti-wind, ant-UV and anti-fogging. In addition, the function of frames is to resist impact and pressure. Headband is to fix lenses and fix goggle on the head.

The selection of ski goggles

To protect eyes and face, ski goggles are designed to be large, covering most of the upper portion of the face and fitting snugly around the eye area. This style can protect wearers against wind, snow and ice. The large enough lens area can provide a wide field of view and good peripheral vision.

Aspects of ski goggles buying

Besides great eye protection, the buying of ski goggles requires more concerns: fitting, lens color, helmet compatibility as well as price. Professional sports goods stores always offer a great stock of products as well as competitive prices. While choosing ski goggles in these stores, you should try them on under the light conditions that fit your aims, in order to get the real feeling. For instance, if your goggles are for night riding, you should try them on in a dark room.