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eye flashes

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  • I am nearsighted. Recently, i get eye floaters and flashes especially after hard work. I ask someone to tell me what are natural remedies for eye floaters and flashes? Please help!
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Diane Rhone -2 answers -09/12/2012
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  • I can see some floaters in my vision. Sometimes they really bother me. Why can I see floaters in my vision? And sometimes I can see flashes even in a totally dark house. There is no light. What's wrong with my eyes? What can I do about them?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Aaron -4 answers -10/28/2013
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  • My sis and I are in bed. When my sis turned over, she elbowed me in the eye. I saw a flash of light which looked like a group of lightning flashes. I Googled and found that she might have done something to my retina. I'm scared right now. But it doesn't hurt. Now I can see fine and I only experienced the flash once, which was when it happened. Should I see an eye doctor immediately? I really don't want to wake my nanna and grandad up because it's too late. Is it OK if I wait until the morning to get it checked?
    In Eye Doctor -Asked by : Benjamin -3 answers -01/25/2014