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eye color change

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  • My sister told me that when I am angry, the color of my eye changes. She also told me not to be angry with her, because there will be something wrong with my health. Really? Is she just joking with me? Do you suffer from the same problem?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : easilymused -2 answers -09/03/2013
  • I heard that the eye color of some people will change suddenly. Really? Usually our eye color will change slightly with our age. But I think the baby's eyes are the most beautiful eyes. Why do we can't keep that color forever? Can you tell me why do our eyes change color when we get older?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Fari Tackaberry -3 answers -09/12/2013
  • I heard that grey eyes will change color. My baby has grey eyes. What color will his eyes be in future?
    In Other -Asked by : Tyler charles -3 answers -10/13/2013
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  • My father has a bad temper. I can see his eye color often changes when he is angry. Is this a normal phenomenon?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Kelly -5 answers -11/10/2013
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  • I just want to know if people with blindness have the same eye color as normal people? Or the eye color will change if people go blind?
    In Eye Health -Asked by : ebarnes1621 -6 answers -03/30/2013
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  • I'm 19 years old. And I have hazel colored eyes. Well my fiance noticed that the pigments of my eyes were changing. (I was furious at the time). They changed to a dark green. Then, a couple weeks later, I was having a great day and was just really happy (which isn't normal). Well I guess my fiance was paying attention to my eyes after the previous week. And she noticed that they turned a dull blue. And sadness, Stress, and sicknesses all have their own hue of color ranging from bright blue to emerald green. And grey for black outrage. I don't know if it's due to body temp or some chemical in the body. But I've tested light, and angle but all tests turn up negative. Can someone please help me with this? I'm a prideful person so asking for help is a little difficult.
    In Eye Health -Asked by : MATILDA -2 answers -01/19/2014
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  • When I was looking in the mirror a few hours ago, I noticed that the whites of my eyes had turned blue. I'm a student and I am living in accommodation right now. I'm panicking. I called my mom to tell her and she told me she had noticed that. What's wrong with my eyes? I was hoping someone could help me with this.
    In Eye Health -Asked by : ctc_youth -4 answers -02/07/2014
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