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contact lenses problems

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  • I am a new user for contacts and I was recommended from my friend to use colored contacts recently. My eyes look bigger compared with off glasses. I really like my new look. But why do my eyes get dry and itch after wearing contacts for a while, is it because of lack of oxygen? And one day, one contact even jump out of my eyes, I was terrified, then I am guessing that the size of the contacts are too small for my eyes. Is that right? Do I need to have my eyes checked before to ensure get the correct size contacts?
    In Contacts -Asked by : etherealfreak -6 answers -02/12/2014
  • Last day night, when taking off my contacts, my eyes got a sharp pain, then looking into the mirror, I saw three red lines! Will that heal itself? Do I need to exam it at my eye doctor? Or just leave it alone? I am guessing I was infected or have the possibility to suffer other eye diseases! HELP!!!!
    In Eye Health -Asked by : Mackenzie rose -3 answers -02/13/2014
  • I have pink eyes, but I have to wear contacts for my work doesn't permit me to wear eyeglasses! Will my eyes be hurt if I wear contacts when I have pink eyes?
    In Contacts -Asked by : Heather Kirk -6 answers -02/16/2014