INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY —— Be the Queen of Yourself |

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International Women’s Day is all about women, here we celebrate this day and the greatness of all girls around the world. Just in this day, get a bold new look as the beautiful and empowered trueself that you are. So, we’ve compiled our favourite Three Styles that will help you feel ready to refresh your own style!




Be Bold to Change




Those looking to invest a little more fantasy into their eyewear should consider these quirky, high-fashion Cat-eye frames.

A classy pair of glasses with dedicate detailing on the temple arms and attractively curved sides. These refined glasses will add a touch of enchanting flair to any outfit and are right on-trend which can make the perfect statement for fashion-conscious or artsy women. Just try them on —— you’ll never want to let go.




tig Be Hero of Yourself




Who has said that women can’t be cool? For modern ladies, they certainly need the flattering aviator frames with contemporary design and style. Such a fresh and playful pair of glasses, with thin full-frames and delicate metal arms complete with the Firmoo logo. No doubt that it makes your face angular and brings a cool allure and untamable breath. Be hero of yourself to underline your creative personality!




tig Stay Young and Vivacious




What can express your age, isn’t just limited to the clothes you wear but extends to the accessories too.

These fashion-forward Firmoo #F18902A glasses feature the bold and semi-transparent patterned sides. These high fashion pairs look like they’ve been taken straight off the exhition stand with their loud, multi-coloured pattern and unique style. With the square shape and slightly rounded angles, they will look incredible on your petite face – not to mention that such frames will be one of the hottest silhouettes of the moment among modern ladies.



We know how powerful women can be – everyone would mean nothing without them – so celebrate this day with all women around you, cherish them and help those who need it. And don’t forget to check out our WOMEN Collection. Happy Women’s Day!

Firmoo Picks: The Hottest Spring Trends 2019 |

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Every year the harsh winter comes to an end and we are embracing the beautiful spring. There are always new trends in the world of glasses, and this spring, even more styles for you guys to pick. Bright colors and unique styles in eyeglasses will be spotted in our site as the weather gets warmer. wants you to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends by showing you some of our customers’ favorite spring frames!

Every year the harsh winter comes to an end and we are embracing the beautiful spring. There are always new trends in the world of glasses, and this spring, even more styles for you guys to pick. Bright colors and unique styles in eyeglasses will be spotted in our site as the weather gets warmer. wants you to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends by showing you some of our customers’ favorite spring frames!


C7C99F85-10A8-4f1d-AC08-BBD4117C2CF1 C7C99F85-10A8-4f1d-AC08-BBD4117C2CF1*  STYLES OF THE SEASON


Cat-eye shades will quite possibly never bore us – they are not only classy but also feminine. These stylish frames have the ability to make you feel chic and high fashion, even when you’re busying in your nine-to-five job or running errands around town. Pick one of them to pair with casual spring outfit. Perfect combo, isn’t it?






Browline frames have become increasingly more popular since we’ve had it on our site. Styles that were trending decades ago now are making a huge comeback this spring. In addition to being worn high on the face by the eyebrows, browlines are also well known for not having any outline along the bottom of the frames. These frames are classic, but have been modernized to fit perfectly with any age group.







Pantone as the authoritative indicator for identifying, matching, and communicating colors for consistency across industries. Most designers make their creations based on this system, which eventually led to the fashionable vane.

There is no such thing as too much color! However, every season has its symbolic theme colors, what are the best ones of this spring selected by our customers? Check them out, they all look fabulous!



Pattern is always the eternal theme of this season which symbolizes vitality and vigor. This trendy frame features a semi-transparent lush floral finish throughout with near-round shaped lenses, which make you be a fashion muse with these colorful floral eyeglasses.




While last year millennial pink was the must-have choice, this year’s trend is a toned down version of the brighter pink, this warm hue will be like a breath of fresh air, giving you a more dynamic and sophisticated appearance.



9913 (2)

Translucent glasses can be right choice throughtout the year, which are always the hottest trend in eyewear this spring. With heavy black frames being popular for so long in winter, crystals are refreshing. They will never be wrong.




Round, square or aviator frames, no matter the preference, the most popular frame shapes of this season are simply stunning! Let’s have a look!


Round, square or aviator frames, no matter the preference, the most popular frame shapes of this season are simply stunning! Let’s have a look!



Round glasses are adapt to any occasion such as the #YSL366 by Firmoo, which is a Memory-Metal frame with rubber pads in medium size. This frame comes in polishing metal finish with sophisticated design that can give you a chic look and all-day comfort.





Square lenses are timeless. This year’s silhouette borrows the retro-vintage vibe with quite thick frames. These classic square-style frames have a certain star quality about them, with truely exquisite shapes, they’ll make you look fashionable without putting too much effort into it.




FAOMysl (2)

If you’re looking for a chic pair of glasses for your spring outing, the aviators can be best ones, which always make a true fashion statement. Aviator styles are not only remarkable at sunglasses, but also excels at eyeglasses. Just done up the casual coat or a t-shirt, and even complement with a fancy hat, the cool swag has been ready to come out!





There isn’t a better accessory that updates your style as fast as a pair of brand new frames. Spring 2019 has brought a lot of stylish specs looks and favors the bold, are you ready to add some fresh specs to your eyewear collection?

Check this link for more choices:

How to choose lens coatings丨

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When it comes to pick a pair of glasses, you will probably consider the frame size, material, style, lens index, etc. However, lens coatings are also pretty vital to enhance lens performance and can add to the appearance of your new glasses. Have you ever looked at someone and been distracted by the white glare on their lenses? Or struggle with headlights when driving at night? Here’s a simple guide to understand these coatings and how to choose them.

Anti-Scratch Coating


Anti-Scratch Coating is the most basic coating as scratched lenses are distracting and can affect your ability to see clearly. It acts as a protective layer which makes the lenses both more durable and safer. With the coating, you don’t have to worry too much if the glasses suddenly drop on the floor or clean the lenses with a paper towel occasionally. Luckily all of our lenses come with this coating.

Anti-Reflective (AR) /Anti-glare Coating


AR coating is a must-have for all eye wearers. It can enhance the light transmission through the lenses and can significantly reduce reflections. It also makes your glasses less reflective in photographs, so others can see your eyes rather than a reflection. AR coating is highly recommended for all types of lenses, especially for working in front of a computer.

Super Hydrophobic Water Resistant Coating


This coating has all the properties of a regular AR coating, plus the added benefit of a water resistant coating that repels dirt and water. That is to say, it can repel unwanted dirt and water, and make your lenses easy to clean and maintain. Imagine that you are walking into a heavy rain, the coating definitely helps as it keeps the water away from your glasses. For your information, our advanced coatings include all these functions.

Oleophobic Fingerprint Coating


Oleophobic Fingerprint coating comes with all the properties of our standard AR and Super Hydrophobic Water Resistant Coating. In addition, it also has an oil resistant coating that makes it easier to deal with fingerprints and sweat. If you like to take off your glasses frequently, there is no need to worry that you may leave many fingerprints since you can easily wipe them with a lens cleaning cloth. To get all these benefits, please choose Ultimate Coatings on our site.

UV Coating


Lenses with UV coating will block many of the harmful ultraviolet rays from damaging your eyes, which may reduce the risk of retinal damage, cataracts and other eye problems. Our Standard index 1.50 lenses and Thin Spheric (1.56) lenses come with 85-90% UV protection while other lenses with higher index include 100% UV protection. Besides, our sunglasses also include this kind of coating. It is the best choice for outing, especially for beaches.

Your glasses provide you with vision and they deserve the best enhancements, so please choose the lens coatings that fit your unique needs. Please visit us at or contact us at for help.

How to choose glasses for your skin tone丨

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When choosing eyeglasses, face shape isn’t the only factor that determines which style will look best on you — your skin tone also plays an important role in choice for eyewear. Here’s a guide on how to determine your skin tone, and which color complements you perfect.

Skin Tones

No matter what color your skin belongs to, the skin tone can be categorized as either “cool” or “warm.” A cool complexion has blue or pink undertones, and a warm complexion has a “peaches and cream” or yellow cast. There is also neutral tone that is a mixture of warm and cool undertones. All skins have a specific undertone that falls into one of these categories and should be considered when choosing colors for any chic glasses.

How to identify your skin tone —— Check the color of your veins.

You can roll up your sleeves and take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist in natural lighting. Do they look blue or green? If they appear more blue or purple, your skin tends to cool tone; however if they appear more green, your skin tone is likely warm. If you can’t quite distinguish they tend to be more blue or green, it’s likely that your lean toward neutral.


Eyeglass Frame Colors

Once you have determined which skin tone you have, then you can find out the frame color that will suit you best. By choosing a frame color that matches your skin tone your eyewear will automatically enhance your look and harmonize with your complexion.14


For those with cool skin, icy tones can be took into consideration, and the best eyeglass frame hues should be black and silver. These two colors seem totally distinguished, which conforms to your skin tone, while another, though a sharp contrast, both of them fit well. You will also suit specs in darker shades of tortoiseshell and even some gold.






Accented with the golden undertone, warm skin looks best with similarly colored frames — brown, red, gold and yellow. They also look great with the boldness of black, but you should avoid greenish hues that may give you a sallow complexion.




Neutral skin —— with a mix of warm and cool undertones, actually can wear just about anything. Go bold with stark black, keep it neutral with tortoise and pattern frames, or you can even play with any number of fun shades.



The color of frame can have just as much impact as the shape. Selecting colors that shine with your skin tone can transform normal frames into something spectacular. Now have you got your skin tone? Come to pick your perfect frame.

Spring Outing: Sunglasses Inspiration from Miranda Kerr |

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Are you looking for a way to update your sunglasses wardrobe, or wanting to match your eye-wear with your personal style? Whether you are looking to shake things up, or are delighted sticking to the look that best suit you, Miranda Kerr has the inside scoop on best styles for Spring Outing!



Doesn’t she look like walking down the runway? Miranda Kerr is a very attractive getup for street snap who matches a pair of timeless square-frame sunglasses, which is attractive for its precise silhouettes and exquisite workmanship. This bold pair is shown with whole black frame, and features polarized lenses that are designed to reduce glare. This choice is the perfect addition to her sexy, often vintage-inspired style. If you’re looking for a versatile pair of sunglasses for the upcoming spring season, this style should be a must.
Check this link for #F18501A:



Just finishing the afternoon tea with friends, Miranda Kerr enjoys ease of mind. Black outfit reveals the frankness, however exquisite details can be gained be our sharp eyes, such as the pair of sunglasses. Also the collocation of short hair and sunglasses appears more free and easy as will. They are handcrafted from a lightweight silver-tone metal and are designed to feel comfortable even during long periods of wearing. The deep-gray lenses offer 100% UV protection, thus there is no worry about outside sunshine.
Check this link for #FLSM18509:



Even at the airport, our goddess continues to radiate charm. The moment she looks back, all focus is on her delicate little face shaped by horn-rimmed black frame, which should always be a must-have style for stylish sunglasses that can enhance the overall texture. These sunglasses are basic addition to the closet of every superstar (or wherever you keep your shades). They fit well and look good, also you can definitely style these shades with anything. Our supermodle Miranda Kerr chooses same black T-shirt to compliment, no doubt that she looks dashing all the time.
Check this link for #F18506A:


st947 (2)

No matter what occasion, she has shown us her sexy style with a twist, and we are excited to appreciate that she also selectes unique sunglasses to complete her look. Featuring a cat eye shape with modern multiplication detailing, while protecting outside uv, this pair also provides a key final touch to her impeccable personal style.
Check this link for #ST947:


f18503x (2)

Miranda prefers dress for shopping, however who dares to wear such dress if it weren’t for figure confidence? No doubt that she can make it. As well as the tortoise frame, it is the focal point matching with whole outfit. With their funky vintage vibe, the tortoise shell sunglasses are retro geek-chic at its best. Cool gold accents at the temple arms and the corners of the frame add some delicate elements to sunglasses. Moreover it protects against ultraviolet rays on your way to the shopping mall, which can become one of your must-haves for spring wardrobe.
Check this link for #F18503X:



As for the changing accessories, Miranda Kerr favors the Ray-Ban aviators. Certain frame shapes endure because they hit that sweet spot between flattering and iconic. The aviator’s mix of angles and curves suits pretty much any face shape, and its role in films like Top Gun and Skyfall ensures its classic position. The dark-brown lenses can also filter out the annoying flashlight!
Check this link for #FASM1771:


Without having the same body, but you can own similar sunglasses. If you’re mulling over the ways to upgrade your wardrobe for spring outing, why not consider choosing a brand-new pair of sunglasses? Right pair can be an accessory to change up your usual outfits in a subtle way.

Welcome to visit us for more styles:

Makeup Tips for #LKFS9913丨

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Makeup is 100% necessary even though you wear glasses. We cannot deny the cosmetic challenges for glasses wearers. However, the frame will rock your amazing eyes if you master the tricks. Today we are gonna take our popular style #LKFS9913 as an example and see how the magic happens. The frame is large and stylish with a distinctive structure, therefore it could be applied for different makeup styles.5



There is no doubt that the clear frame along with a bronze smoky eye makeup and matte burgundy lipstick could leave a WOW impression. Using a liner that is darker than your natural eye color since it creates a perfect contrast that defines the eyes. All in all, adding heavy makeup to a clear frame is definitely a fantastic move as it makes you look so cool.



If you are looking for a bold but elegant style, here it is. On the one hand, the dark gray eyeshadow and a few swipes of mascara offers a bold feeling at first sight; on the other hand, the nude pink lipstick and the clear frame quickly soften the feature and add some elegance.



Not a fan of heavy makeup? No worries, it is often said that less is more. A clear frame can be used as a perfect accessory in case you don’t have enough time for makeup. Just wear some lipstick and you are good to go for shopping, working or meeting friends.6



Nowadays brown has become a popular color for eye makeup, which is a great combination with our tortoise frame. With the scattered pattern on the frame, it could not only draw people’s attention but also avoid being way too brown for the eye area. Another secret for being confident is to wear some matte lipstick and a big smile.7



The key for this look is the color matching. Firstly start with a light purple eyeshadow, then put on a more purple pattern frame, and the last step is to add some purple-red lipstick. The gradually depended colors could bring a strong sense of depth and create a natural look.10



Black frame is never too much for this makeup as the black eyeliner is able to coordinate with the frame color. Moreover, the highlighter on the cheekbones and a bit of nude lipstick could neutralize the whole face so that the frame won’t look too dark .

Are you impressed by any of the makeup styles with #LKFS9913? All it takes is just a little knowledge and a few practices. Why not follow our tips and grab a pair to get your ‘own make-up party’ started?


Pick a perfect frame for your face shape丨

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Do you find it’s really hard to pick a perfect frame to match your face shape? It could be awkward with wearing the unsuitable frame. However, there is no need to worry about it. Just follow our instructions and you will find the perfect match. Let’s check it out.45

Generally speaking, most of us have round, oval, heart and square face shapes. Few people do have diamond ,triangle or pearl faces though. First things first, let’s focus on the 4 face shapes which are most common.


If you have a round face, your face length and width are almost equal. What kind of frames will suit round face? Large and round frames will not be a wise choice since you don’t want your face to be more round. On the contrary, to make the face thinner and longer, angular and square frames will be great cause they can create a clear-cut facial feature.





Shop more frames for round face :

Oval face is considered as the most versatile face shape cause it has slightly wider cheekbones and a gentle narrowing at the forehead and jaw. Any style will suit oval faces. With this perfect face shape, don’t hesitate to go bold with a stylish frame in bright color and unique texture. Square, round, rectangle–you name it.






Shop more frames for oval face:


People with heart faces have a broad forehead and gradually narrows through to the jaw. To make the forehead look smaller and chin look broader, we recommend frames that are a little wider than your forehead. Oval or round frames could never go wrong. But please do not pick the top-heavy styles.





Shop more frames for heart face:

There are so many frames for square faces. Round and dark-colored frames should be the first option to make you stunning. As your width of forehead, cheekbones and jaw is about the same,  it’s important to soften and add contrast to your strong angular features. However, please leave the geometric or square shapes behind.





Shop more frames for square face:

There is possibility that you have none of the mentioned face shapes. Don’t worry, Firmoo offers hundreds of frames for different face shapes. No matter what type your face shape is, we will always ensure you a perfect frame.

For more info, please visit us at

Five Hairstyles for Different Glasses |

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Hair and glasses can be a tricky combo.
But not for you.
Here are five different, extra easy hair dos that just look spectacular with your glasses. Just follow us.

Hair and glasses can be a tricky combo.

But not for you.

Here are five different, extra easy hair dos that just look spectacular with your glasses.

downloadJust follow us.


The hairstyle is absolutely simple and trendy. Just throw half of your hair into a bun and leave the rest flow. Along with a classic pair and you are good to go.


Check the hot similar style #S947 here:


Perfect but easy style for everyone to accomplish, but still looks trendy and sophisticated. Casual but not sleezy, matching with a pair of simple black glasses will attract more attention. Moreover, this delicate frame can well shape your face and perfectly add  brilliance to your makeup!


Check the hot similar style #S939 here:


The magic of braid is hard to resist. The unique hairstyle will distinguish you from other people because it makes you look as sweet as an angel. A cat-eye glasses could make you even cuter than you’ve already been.


Check the hot similar style #DBSN62358A here:


There is no doubt that this hairstyle is the most ordinary in daily life. Just relax yourself with a casual outfit and loose hair. You can use a comb or even your fingers to make it happen within a few seconds. Don’t worry about being too simple, a black pair would make you stunning.


Check the hot similar style #DBSN62355A here:


When you don’t have enough time to prepare and need to go out right away, this hairstyle can be your first choice. Just throw your hair into a low pony but leave a curl of hair in both sides of your face, then curl them with a straightener. These casual waves can well shape your face and pair with your glasses, which look effortless and can match with almost any outfit for a laidback look or a more dressed-up ensemble.


Check the hot similar style #DBSN62306 here:



Color can be a challenge as well, please remember to make sure that your hair color does match the glasses and your own skin. No need to worry if you have long short, curly or straight hair, we can always guarantee you a perfect pair for your hairstyle.

For more options, please visit us at:

Style Up Men’s Look with #S3296X |

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Is dressing up a women thing? Nope, men have the right and they are eager to make themselves look pretty as well. Glasses along with suitable clothes would be a bonus for masculinity, especially for #S3296X! Just pick up this style here:





There is no need to worry if the weather gets a little colder. A brown jacket will fix the problem and it’s perfect for the hair color. As for the glassess, made with light and flexible TR90 plastic, this medium-wide frame features stylish pattern adds more charm.
Knitted sweater with the jeans is a great combination. A pair of glasses could add extra points for the simple dress up.
This look is absolutely a great choice. Simple and clean as it is. The tight Polo shirt makes the muscles quite noticeable. The black pants are a great match for the shirt, also a pair of the frame glasses cannot be absent, #S3296X from Firmoo will light up the whole look.

There is no need to worry if the weather gets a little colder. A brown jacket will fix the problem and it’s perfect for the hair color. As for the glassess, made with light and flexible TR90 plastic, this medium-wide frame features stylish pattern adds more charm.

Knitted sweater with the jeans is a great combination. A pair of glasses could add extra points for the simple dress up.

This look is absolutely a great choice. Simple and fresh as it is. The tight polo shirt makes the muscles quite noticeable. The black pants are a great match for the shirt, also a pair of the frame glasses cannot be absent, #S3296X from Firmoo will light up the whole look.



Men are supposed to wear bright clothes sometimes, which will make the whole day as colorful as it could be. The frame of cold tone could soften not only the orange-red jacket but also brown windbreaker, therefore you wont look too tawdry in a weird way but full of gentlemen style.

A black casual suit is suitable for an afternoon out with someone special, it is not so formal but very suitable for a date. White sweater and the glasses make you more gentle and can also become attractive scenery.



A white shirt with a set of grey suit is the first choice of business wear, it could never be wrong. The glasses will also play an important role for being formal. The dark purple frame with silver metal detailing on temple arms reflect more solemn atmosphere.

Red suit could work just fine for meetings if you got the right match. A dark frame, tie and pants will neutralize the bright color. Truly a statement piece.

A long, dark-colored blazer is not only practical for chilly weather, but also makes you look taller and energetic. Of course the glasses are a great match as well.


Which outlook has left deep impression on you? With on-trend Firmoo frames to elevate each look, you will certainly attract public attention.

For more men’s eyewear, be sure to visit us at:

For more men’s eyewear, be sure to visit us at:

Top Rated —— 10 Hot Styles in 2018 |

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IMG_1621 As new year coming, we have sorted out top-ten popular frames in 2018, whether you’re looking for the perfect pair of glasses to match new outfit, or trying to find your daily frames, the following pairs can satisfy you ! white62343_meitu_2 DBSN62343 (1)

This frames feature pattern detailing with the keyhole bridge shape to deliver a charming look.
@Taylor: “Always wanted cat eyes and they look so cute, they’re a little tight on my face since I have a wider face but I’m going to wear them anyway! Hopefully I’ll loosen them. Very satisfied with them.”
How they look on their faces:
This frames feature pattern detailing with the bridge shape to deliver a charming look.
@Taylor: Always wanted cat eyes and they look so cute, they’re a little tight on my face since I have a wider face but I’m going to wear them anyway! Hopefully I’ll loosen them. Very satisfied with them.”





Irregular frame with classic color-match brings unique style! Adjustable nose pads provide comfortable fit.

@Shortmeow: I absolutely love this pair of glasses! They are well made and they are so cute. They remind me of kitty ears! At first, i ordered them in black and i entered the wrong prescription, i contacted firmoo and they sent me a coupon for me to only pay shipping on this pair. How amazing is that?? I must say the black frames were cute too. 5 stars on the glasses and for the company!!!”





Clear frames are never out of fashion, super trendy feeling give you all-day comfort and elegant feel.

@Peri:I have worn glasses for close to 10 years now and have never found a pair that I truly love. But finally, I have! I got the clear frames and I’ve had so many compliments on them. It’s definitely understandable why this is one of the most popular frames on Firmoo. If anything ever happens to my current pair, I’d absolutely buy these again :)





With its round wire-rimmed lenses, this medium-sized, lightweight frame gives you a cute and smart look!

@buttercup999:They are comfortable frames and because of the width and length, I have a better view especially the corner of my eyes. I have always been a fan of circle lens glasses and this one gives a cute and at the same time sexy feature on my face. When I wear makeup with them, they look even better. I love the glasses! Rocking them every day.”





A perfect blend of style and comfort, show off your intellectual and retro sides with the browline eyeglasses.

@Rebecca:I absolutely love these glasses. The shape of the lenses are so cute and edgy! They are very good quality and fit my face perfectly. The order even comes with a case and glasses tools. Would recommend anyone who wants good quality glasses for a low price to buy from firmoo!!!”





Dark green makes you more mysterious and stable, while lightweight and sturdy never cause heavy loading on your nose. This style also come in black, clear, gold and tortoise.

@Ginny Beth:I love these glasses! They came quickly and they fit so well. The green color is subtle but nice. Theyre lightweight and sit comfortably on my nose. I will definitely recommend!!”





Similar style with #YSL366, whose temple arms have shiny gold finish with tortoiseshell acetate tips!

@Blazing:Excellent frame! Light weight and very comfortable. I recommend this frame to people who likes circular frame.”





Not totally round but can flatter your face shapes especially those who have square faces! And they also go well with everything you wear!

@Luna:I love these lenses. They are a bit round, which is new to me, but I am a big fan of the frame. Very light and goes lovely with everything. Do recommend for the nerdy type.”





Pair these pink eyeglasses with outfits in warming palette, you are certainly the charming scenery.

@Kimberly:I love them ! At work I always get compliments on them . At first when I got them I thought they were too big but eventually I got used to them but very comfortable to wear & LIGHTWEIGHT ! 10/10





Match your everyday look with these metal browline glasses!

@Jaz:I adore these glasses! They are big but in a cute way. They’re lightweight even though my prescription is heavy. I get so many compliments on them. They are so put together and yet dressed down they look adorable as well. I love them so much I have them in clear.”



Pick your own style at!