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progressive sunglasses

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  • Can anyone give me some suggestions? What are the advantages and disadvantages of single vision and progressive sunglasses?
    In Sunglasses -Asked by : Jenni Scofield -3 answers -05/05/2012
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  • I have a pair of polarized progressive sunglasses.When I wear them, I could see reflections inside the glasses.However, as I move my head around, I find the reflections disappear or diminish.I Can see some bright spots in the middle of the lens. It cost me so much.I just want to know whether it would be worth?
    In Sunglasses -Asked by : Tyler baker -1 answers -04/16/2012
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  • I want to buy a pair of high index progressive sunglasses.My prescription is R -8.00, L -6.75. Should I buy 1.74 index with anti-reflective but not polarized lenses coating and tinted or 1.67 index with polarized lenses? Compare the two, which is better for me?
    In Sunglasses -Asked by : Anthony arnold -2 answers -04/16/2012