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100 UV protection

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  • I bought a pair of Fossil sunglasses about a year ago and forgott whether or not they had a sticker on them indicating they offer 100% UV protection. Is there a way to check if they can offer 100% UV protection?
    In Sunglasses -Asked by : williams -2 answers -06/18/2012
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  • I got some sunglasses from venice beach today for 10 bucks. They didn't have a sticker that said anything about uv. The lenses are pretty dark btw. I also have a pair from forever 21. I forgot to read the sticker but I see online, all their sunglasses have 100 percent uv protection. And those were only like 6 bucks. So which ones are better?
    In Sunglasses -Asked by : elblancodiablo -3 answers -03/13/2012
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