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contacts eye exam

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  • I just submitted the Tricare Prime enrollment.I wonder if Prime would pay for the contact exam and or part of the contacts.
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : Angelica giles -2 answers -05/11/2012
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  • I got contacts and a exam almost a year ago. My contacts supply is running out and I have to decide if I should get a eye exam or just order them online. Is it necessity to get a contact eye exam every year or every 2 years.
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : Connor -5 answers -02/19/2012
  • I know how much an eye exam is with regular(clear) contacts, but how much is it for prescripted colored eye contacts & eye exam?
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : Caleb -4 answers -04/07/2012
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  • I went in to get some glasses and contacts and the people claimed that it costs more to get a contact lens eye exam over just a normal eye exam. Is there such a thing? Is there any difference? I think I may have been scammed- need help.
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : Luis -3 answers -03/29/2012
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  • Two months ago I went to the eye doctor to get an eye exam. He gave me my presciption and I got my glasses. Well I just broke my new glasses and ive decided glasses were too much of a hassle. Now Im just wondering...What is the difference between contact lens exam and an eye exam. According to my knowledge...a contact lens exam is an eye exam PLUS contact fitting. Is this correct? So if I were to get contacts would I just have to get a contact fitting or would I have to get the whole contact lens exam? Any other suggestions/ or solutions?
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : Kyle  -5 answers -02/23/2012
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