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eye exam for contacts

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  • I was charged more in a contact lens eye exam over just a normal eye exam and I wonder if I was scammed. What is the difference between eye exam for glasses and contact lenses?
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : DOUGLAS Fritch -1 answers -05/11/2012
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  • My contacts supply is running out and I wonder if I need a contact eye exam to get more or order them online. I got the contacts eye exam almost a year ago.
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : Mya baker -2 answers -05/11/2012
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  • I haven't had an eye exam for years and I was wondering if thats really bad. I know its supposed to be a yearly update on the prescription but I've been busy and usually forget to set up an appointment anyway. Would this affect my vision and how so?
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : James gerard -1 answers -03/25/2012
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  • Hi.. I know my prescription... I just need a new box of contacts. I went into the store with my prescription and my contact lens dimensions. They said they needed to do an eye exam every year, regardless of the fact that I want the same prescription. They said it was against the law to give out contacts if you don't have a yearly eye exam. Is this true, or are they just trying to get more money out of me for the exam? I don't need an exam!! I just need a new box of contacts because I ran out. Thanks!
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : Alexandria shelley -1 answers -02/16/2012
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  • I have contacts but I haven't been always washing my hands when handling them, falling asleep in them, and they're over a month old. My friend said eye doctor can see when you didn't take care of your contacts even if there aren't any infections. What can I do to improve my eye health starting now so I'll get good "results" at my exam? It's really important becasue I want to keep wearing my contacts and will take better care of them from now on but if the doctor says anything my parents might not let me wear contacts anymore.
    In Eye Exam -Asked by : Trinity raphael -2 answers -03/26/2012
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