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What happens if vaseline gets in eyes?

I got a bit of vaseline into my eyes. My eyes feel very uncomfortable. What should i do now? What will happen if i ignore it?
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  • b3autyqu33nof17


    Have you ever heard that many newborn babies in the United States get a squirt of erythromycin ointment, including petroleum jelly vaseline, a brand name of vaseline, into each of their eyes in their first hour after born. So don't be alarmed if you got only a little vaseline in your eyes, there should be not any problems because it is not toxic or irritating. What makes you feel uncomfortable is the greasy property of vaseline, but your eyes will tear up and soon return to normal. As a matter of fact, vaseline are frequently used as the base for many ointments that used for eye gel or make up remover, and the most common eye lubricant also contains mineral oil and petroleum jelly. Vaseline is indeed a multi-functional product. It can not only be used for dry lips, sore cuts and rough hands, but also can used for eyebrows and eyelashes to help them grow. In all, vaseline will give you smooth, nice and moisturized skin without being greasy.
  • Heather Kirk


    It is really bad for you to get vaseline into your eyes which will make your eyes feel not comfortable. You need to wash the eyes with clean water. Then you could use the dry cloth to dry the eyes. If you ignore it, your eyes will be stimulated with red symptom. Your eyes may get infection easily. Thus you'd better find the easy and simple way to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • cocreative


    Take action to deal with it now! You must feel burning in your eyes. You can go to your bathroom and use the water to flush your eyes, or you can soak your eyes in the water for several minutes, then you can wipe out most of them. The left is very little and will not do harm to your eyes. Just do this and do not worry.