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Will my eye astigmatisms go away at last? Will astigmatisms be inherited?

I just got a prescription from my eye doctor, and he said that I have a slight eye astigmatisms . My mum had a severe astigmatisms when he was young but recently he has a laser eye surgery and now he don't have to wear glasses anymore. Is it possible that I inherited an eye astigmatisms from him? My doctor said I have slight astigmatisms and don't have to wear glasses at present. Will my eye astigmatisms go away itself at last or will it be worse? I am 16 year old!
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    Hey, keep a close eye on your vision, I guess eye astigmatisms may not go away itself but instead it may be worse when time goes by.
  • cmg6891

    You should wear glasses so as to avoid it to get worse.
  • Russ

    As you are 16 year old and your eyes have been mature and that is to say your astigmatisms will not be recovered when you grow old. Astigmatism means that your eyes have the characteristic of not focusing in one spot. Astigmatism isn't some horrible disease or something to worry about. It was caused by your wrongly use of your eyes, but may not have relationship to inheritance.
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    As I know that the astigmatisms will not go away itself and it will go worse if you won't use your eyes properly. Moreover, you need to ask your eye doctor for help. Please do not worry that the astigmatism is not inherited.

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