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What do zonules do in the human eye?

Question for the human eye? I'm a little unclear as of their function.
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    ciliary zonule (zonule of Zinn) a series of fibers connecting the ciliary body and lens of the eye, holding the lens in place.
  • Ethan edward

    Sweetie, since you want to know more about our eyes. Please have a look at There are many zones in our eyes. Different part has different functions. I hope this helped and you can know more from this. Good luck!
  • Andrew hill

    A doctor told me that they were basically a series of small fibers that hold the lens of the eye in place. Like ligaments.
  • candylndsuicide

    the role of human eye is to help us see things and keep balance. But some blind people can keep balance too because they can keep balance by using other senses that we have. Dude, if you want to know something more professional, I suggest you to talk with your eye doctors. Good luck!

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