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How to make your eyes water naturally?

I don't want to use eye drops. Do you have any idea that can make my eyes watery naturally?
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  • Ern

    The best and convenience way of make your eyes watery naturally is to mention yourself the sorrow memories. Missing the departed family members or the love that past may affect your feeling. If you are a person with sentimental emotion, this way will make your tears run out. The laughter and sneezing will also would makes you burst into tears because the squeeze of the tear gland. Blink your eyes will make the tear nourish your eyes. However, this kind of tear is a small amount that will be hard to find but it is most useful to protect your eyes from dry eyes. The environment of humidity will also help you to keep the water in your eyes.
  • Danielle lewis

    I really want to know why you want to make your eyes watery? Anyway, here are some suggestion that may help you. You can use eyedrops to make your eyes look watery. Besides, the most effective and natural way is to cut onion. It surelly make your eyes watering when you cut onion. But you may also feel burnning eyes. Or, you can try hard to remember some sad story so as to make you cry, thus to get watery eyes.
  • Jonathan griffin

    From what you said, I can see that you might have gotten dry eyes, which is very popular among young people. And if you want to get rid of eye drops, then you are gonna need to improve your health conditions by taking more exercise, having a better diet, and taking vitamin pills on a daily basis. Or better yet, try to consult a doctor and follow his or her advice.

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