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Alisa O.

How to protect your eyes from video games?

I know it is really bad to eyes from playing video games. But i like it. Is there any way that can protect the eyes when i play video games?
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Answers (2)

  • eagle_tester_3

    Actually it is bad for your eyes if you play the video games too much time with little rest. You need to have the rest now and then during your playing of video games. You could wear the computer goggles which will protect your eyes from the radiation from the screen. It will also decrease your tiredness of the eyes.
  • harris

    It seems that you are really into those games right? So am I. Anyway, you should know that long time exposure to those TV sets could results in great harm to your eyes, because you blink less times during the course, and you take in more and more radiations in the meantime. So, it would be nice for you to take some breaks during intervals and try to get some eye drops from the pharmacy.

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