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I got clear care contact solution in my eye,what should i do?

Is it bad for eyes to get a bit of clear care contact solution in my eyes? Or what should i do now to help my eyes?
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  • emo_pain_818


    Yes. The Clear Care can damages your eyes if you get too much in your eyes. In fact, the Clear Care contains hydrogen peroxide which can cause severe burning. If you feel a lot of pain and discomfort, you can use clean water to flush your eyes. And you shall also avoid wearing contact lenses in the following days. Besides, you can also use some eye drops like GenTeal or Refresh to help you heal it.
  • Kelly gary


    First of all, don't worry. I am willing to lend you a hand to extricate from a difficult position. After all, it's not a big deal due to a bit of clear care contact solution is not much harmful to our eyes. However, you are supposed to have a understanding, eyes are the most fragile place of our body, you can never be too careful toward them. Hence, you have to adopt the following methods on the premise of washing your hands totally. Actually, there is a simple way, speeding up to blink your eyes which may cause the tears. Thus, the solution may get out with the flowing tears. Meanwhile, to make sure your eyes is completely clean, washing them with flowing and clean water. But if you still feel uncomfortable, for safety's sake, you'd better see a doctor to prevent infection. Hope they do work for you.
  • crazyasswhatnow


    Actually, it will be ok for you to get a bit of clear care contact solution in your eyes because the clear care contact solution contains the main material which is used to clear the protein on your contact lenses. However, you need to use the clean water to clear the eyes. You'd better use the warm compress to make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • Micaela Evergood


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