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Caleb lewis

How can you tell what's difference between real and fake glasses?

well, i wore real glasses and some people told me that my glasses are fake because of the lens and frames. my glasses don't have bifocals but thickness lenses. i'm just curious and keeping wonder about real and fake eyeglasses.
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  • hand_to_mouth

    The main purpose of Fake glasses is to help your eyes from the radiation from the computers or just make you look better. They are widely used for the office men who are right at the vision. However, about your realness of fake glasses, you could bring the eyeglasses to the store and ask the client. Their professional machine will help you check its realness.
  • Eric quick

    Bifocals have big lenses. But the thickness of the lenses depends on your prescription. The stronger prescription you have, the thicker the lenses will be. But I bought a pair of rimless glasses two months ago. The lenses are quite big. Though I don't have strong prescription, the edges of my lenses are also very thick because I choose 1.50 lenses. I think if I choose 1.60 lenses, the edges of my lenses will be thinner.
  • Look through the lenses. Fake eyeglass has no prescription, while real eyeglass has prescription. If you have bad vision,then you put fake eyeglass on and you still can't see clearly.If you have perfect sight and put real eyeglass on , then your sight won't get so perfect and you will find everything is blurry.
  • Sherri H

    In my opinion, fake glasses are light. They don't have prescription in their lenses. So they can't help correct vision problems. If you have some vision problems, they won't provide with clear vision after you put on them. But as to weight, some real glasses are also very light. So maybe this can't be a good way to figure out real glasses or fake glasses. But if you don't know how to distinguish them, you can turn to an optician. Good luck!
  • Caroline

    Maybe you can tell a pair of fake glasses from their lenses but you can't tell them from their frames. Some frames are cheap and with poor quality but they are still real glasses if they have a pair of prescription lenses in them. Dude, you don't need to care about what other people will say about your glasses. As long as they can work for you, they are a pair of good glasses. Maybe other people just think your glasses are of poor quality. You can buy a pair of good glasses next time.
  • Andrew Rabinowitz

    The thickness of your lenses depends on your prescription and what kind of lenses you choose. If you have strong degrees, you may get a pair of lenses with thick lenses. You'd better choose 1.60 lenses. Then the lenses you get will be thinner because 1.60 lenses will be thinner than 1.50 lenses if they have the same degrees.
  • Luis

    The differences of glasses may include the price, durability and weight. Glasses can help correct the vision problems. If you can't see things clearly after you put on your glasses, they might be a pair of fake glasses. And the glasses of poor quality are fake glasses. But some fake glasses are similar to the real ones and they are difficult to tell. If you can't tell whether they are a pair of real glasses or fake glasses, you'd better choose another store or turn to a professional.

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