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Jessica Stevenson

Is it normal to see dots in your vision?

Do you think it is weird to see dots in your vision? I have this experience. Is this normal?
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Answers (2)

  • griffin

    It's not weird but it is a disease called spotted vision or floaters according to your description. It is caused by degeneration of vitreous body of your eyes, which means your eyes can't be provided with enough blood. In daily diet you have to pay attention to your liver health and balance of nutrition. Good sleep and moderate exercises can also help release it.
  • coloradolicious

    It is not normal for you to have dots in your vision. The dots may be caused by the coming invisible bacterium. You may have the problems of seeing things clearly. You may see things in the blurry state. You need to use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation to clear the dots in the eyes. The warm compress could also be the good method which you could have a try.

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