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Thomas oliver

Can anything be done about eye floaters ?

I got eye floaters. What shall i do? Is there anything that i can do to reduce eye floaters?
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  • Christopher dale

    Your eye floaters may be caused by the eyes infection of the invisible bacterium. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to make the eyes get clear. In addition, you could also have the good rest for the eyes and spend little time in front of the computers or other electrical things. You should also use the warm compress to reduce the eye floaters which will make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • Dip

    First of all you should go to see a doctor, because you should know how serious is your problem and the causes of your illness. If your eye floaters are the manifestation of serious eye diseases, you have to be careful. Here are the treatments for eye floaters: 1. you can have eyeball massage every day. 2. When you are using your eyes, try to blink your eyes more 3. Don't overuse your eyes and overload them. 4. You need to have more oranges and other fruits. Drink more water. 5. You can change your lifestyle into a one by enough sleep. Never stay up late. 6. If you are over 40, you had better use bifocal lenses.
  • EDWIN Caster

    Well, there are many people who have eye floaters in daily life. So we can say that it is normal to have floaters, For eye floaters, they are basically little blobs of protein which float through the hollow sphere. And it is filled with a thick, gel like fluid known as the vitreous humor. In common, when you have them, you can try some ways to treat them. For example, you can eat as many water and vitamin rich vegetables as possible. Also, trying some ways to make your eyes have enough breath is also effective. Also, having some vitamins can be beneficial too. Anyway, just have a try.

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