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William edward

What happens if you never take your contact lenses out ?

I just want to know what will happen if i never take off my contact lenses? Will it cause any eye damages?
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  • Janice

    If you never take off your contact lenses, it will do damage to your eyes. Eyes need rest. And contact lenses need to be washed. If you do not take off your contact, you may have the following problems. 1. Wearing contact lenses for a long time may cause some eye problems such asKeratitis and conjunctivitis. 2. Resistance of your eyes may drop. Wearing contact lenses for a long time without taking them off , eyes cannot contact air, and eyes will lack of oxygen. 3. Wearing contact lenses for a long time may lead to visual fatigue and dry eyes. 4.Wearing contact lenses for a long time can also wear your cornea.
  • walkbyfth

    All right, I have to admit, if you try to do that, within a month, you would go blind. That sounds insane, but it is true that we have to take them out and keep them clean on a daily basis. Without getting them out, they would go dry and break into pieces, thus, your eyes would be scratched and get seriously hurt. Just try to wear less contact lenses and protect your eyes in every aspect.
  • Austin

    It is very dangerous for you not to take off the contact lenses. It will cause the blindness. Your contact lenses may be sticky to the eyeballs which will be integrated with them. The eyeballs will find it hard to breath. After a long time, the eyes will easily get blind because of the stifle of the cornea. You should be careful when you wear the contact lenses.
  • miguel gaytan

    Yes, definitely, it is very harmful for your eyes if you never take off your eye contact lenses. First of all, when you are wearing the contact lenses, the lenses are fitted onto the cornea of your eyeballs, which will limit the amount of oxygen that can get through the cornea. And because the adequate oxygen is quite essential for the health of your eyes, it is necessary for you to remove the contacts each day to allow the new oxygen to reach through the cornea so as to maintain a proper eye health. If you never take off your eye contact lenses, then the amounts of oxygen that gets through to the cornea will be very limited, which definitely can result in some more serious consequences such as infection, changes in the shape of the cornea and eyelid, and even blindness. The direct harm of never taking off your eye contact lenses is that it can lead to the development of corneal ulcers, which is referred to as ulcerative keratitis, can scar the cornea and lead to permanent damage, which can develop into long-term and permanent blindness. On the other hand, the limited amount of the oxygen supply to the cornea in the eyes will provide an ideal environment for harmful bacteria to take hold and thus cause many serious problems. Contact lenses, especially soft lenses, can absorb bacteria and allergens that will lead to irritation. Therefore, to remove contact lenses periodically as well as caring for them properly by removing your contacts periodically, preferably nightly, and store them in a proper cleansing solution can help remove bacteria from the eyes so that your eyes can stay in a healthy condition.

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