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Are semipermanent eyelashes bad for your eyes ?

I want to use semipermanent eyelashes extension to make my eyelashes look longer. But some people said it is bad for eyes. Really? Is semipermanent eyelashes really bad for eyes?
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  • neva taylor


    There are some side effects of semipermanent eyelashes extension including: 1.If you keep having semipermanent eyelashes applied to your own lashes, on the long run, your own lashes may become sparse. When you stop wearing them, you own eyelashes may look odd. 2.If you have semipermanent eyelashes done by unlicensed or unprofessional people, it is likely that the extensions lash material may get into your eyes and irritate them, causing eye infection or scrape on cornea.
  • Russ


    There is no doubt that any artificial eyelashes can do harmful to our eyes. No matter what eyelashes they are, they are all mixed up with many kinds of chemicals. Although fake eyelashes and semipermanent eyelashes are cosmetics, hundreds of chemicals can be found in them easily. These things are easy to lead to eye infection. If you use them in a long time, they may cause irritation, pink eye, allergic eyes. If you really wanna long and curl eyelashes, washing eyelids with ginger water is a good idea. Honey does the same work.
  • Kimberly


    Ok, from your words, I think you are pretty eager to dress yourself up by wearing artificial eyelashes. But as you can see, such eyelashes are made up of chemical stuff, which could generate some bacteria on it if not kept well. So, the less you wear them, the healthier you might be. It could even make your eyes infected and irritated. Just try to pay attention to your use of eyes and take care from little things.
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