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What shape of eyeglasses should an oblonged face get?


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  • Andrew hill

    Oblonged face is a rectangle face with angular lines and it is longer than it is wide. When people with oblonged face choose glasses, they should choose glasses that can soften the angular and shorten the long face. So glasses with frames that are deeper than they are wide, like aviator, oval, or some square can suit an oblonged face fine.
  • Andrew bell

    Personally, People with oblonged face can try rectangle and square framed glasses which can balance your face shape to make them shorter. However, you can try them on to see what kind of eyeglasses can suit your face shape well.
  • Faith cook

    Big plastic framed glasses are good for people who have oblonged faces. They will make your face look shorter. I think cat eye glasses are good for oblonged faces too. But different people have different characters of other facial features. So I think you'd better have a try in nearby eyeglasses shops as well. If you have small eyes, I suggest you to try on a pair of sunglasses. because the lenses can cover your eyes.
  • walkingwounde_d

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