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EDWIN Caster


How to convince your parents to let you wear contact lenses?

I am tired of wearing eyeglasses. I want to try contact lenses. But my mom said that eyeglasses is better than contact lenses. Can you give me some idea? How can i convince my mom to buy contact lenses for me?
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  • emptypayphone


    How old are you? If you are too young, it's better for you not to wear contact lenses. You can promise your mother you will pay attention to eye sanitation and avoid eye strain. Tell her how incomvenient or uncomfortable it is for you to wear frame eyeglasses. You can promise her you won't wear contact lenses too long so that your eyes won't be harmed.
  • Tyler charles


    A lot of parents will think the eyeglasses are more safe than the contact lenses which are worn directly on the surface of the eyeballs. However if you keep the notice of keeping hygiene, wearing the contact lenses could be safe. If you get through the eye exam and are told you are suitable to wear the contact lenses, you could wear it. There is no problem. You could use this to convince your mum to let you wear the contact lenses.
  • Alexandria


    Many adults, especially parents they do not want you to wear contact lenses because they think that it is dangerous to wear something in eyes. And contact lenses is hard to help with correcting degree. However, it is okay if you wear them occasionally. But you need to store them with storage syrup, and wash your hands up before you wear them. You can tell your mom contact lenses can avoid nose to be pressed by frames all the time. Contact lenses also can help enhance outlook.