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Miranda hall


Is bio oil safe around the eyes?

I am told that bio oil can be good for my eyes, is that true? What should I do?
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  • Mackenzie raphael


    Well, yes, bio oil can be very beneficial for your eyes, so you can just apply it around your eyes, especially when you suffer from dark circles under your eyes. Generally speaking, bio oil is a cosmetic product which can just do a help to the appearance of scars, and uneven skin tone. And it is reported that advance formulation of bio oil also contains purcelin oil. Because of this special function, it is very good for aging skin and dehydrated skin. So in daily life, you can just use bio oil to treat dark circles under your eyes. And also, eye bags can be cured with bio oil. Anyway, just have a try.


    I do not think so. Bio-Oil is one of those beauty products that seems to be continuously present as time goes by. It's been called 'the magic oil' by the likes of Kim Kardashian and Rochelle Humes for its ability to banish wrinkles and stretch marks. However, An ingredient in Bio oil the cause potential sensitization and allergic reactions. In Europe, it is listed as an "allergenic" substance and the European Cosmetics Directive requires OTC leave-on products to indicate its presence, even at concentrations of .001%. Hope this helpful.
  • walgru


    Yes, bio oil can be good for your eyes because of the inner moisture role. You could adopt the bio oil on the eyes surface skin and then it will be absorbed by the skin. It will make your eyes skin get moisture and soft. You could have a try. You could also do the warm compress at the same time which will be very good at the effect.
  • Kelly


    Yes, it is true. first of all, bio oil can moisturize and soothe your skin around your eyes. It can also make the dark circles or pigmentation around your eyes less noticeable. In addition, bio oil contains anti-aging nutrition like vitamin E. Vitamin E is anti-oxidant which can fight against aging problem and damages from environment. Lastly, bio oil can make your skin suppler, softer and smoother. Wash your face thoroughly and wait until it drys. Next, apply bio oil to your face including your upper and lower eyelids and your neck. Smooth the bio oil on your face and gently massage. Enjoy yourself!
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