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What to do when you cut your eye ?

I feel so bad. I just cut my eyes by a accident. It is really pain. Will it cause blindness? Please help!!
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  • Ryan warren

    It is so dangerous for you to cut the eyes by accident. You need to go to the hospital to have a check and treatment as soon as possible if you find the bleeding symptom. You must take the medical care with anti-inflammation role. You should keep the light diet which will make you keep healthy. You should protect the eyes carefully and not do such stupid things.
  • erickie6

    You need go to the hospital immediately and close the injured eye and don't try to do anything about it. If your eye is bleeding, find a sterile bandage or cloth to protect your eye but don't press you eye. The liquids can slowly leak out if the cut is deep and wide. You should not apply any drops or other home remedies on your eye. Ask your family to drive you to hospital as soon as possible. If you are along, call 911. Don't drive by yourself.
  • duncan

    In your case, you really had better to go to the emergency room in the hospital for an eye examination and then provided with physical or medical treatment. It is really dangerous to cut the eyes, which may cause damage to the retina, conjunctiva, iris, or the cornea and then lead to eye problems. The doctor in the hospital will examine your condition and give correspondent treatments. After that, you should go back home and be careful not to hurt your eyes again. You should not go to the place where the sunlight or luminous beams are very strong in case that your injured eyes get irritated again. If you have to go out, you had better wear a pair of sunglasses to prevent any hurt to your eyes. In addition, you should take good rest and avoid eating any irritative foods such as spicy foods, alcohol, and so on. Eat much vegetables, fruits, cod-liver oil, which are rich in vitamins, proteins that are good for your eyes.

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