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Do women have better night vision than men?

I heard that women have better night vision than men. Why? Or it is just a rumour?
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  • Kelly Dalton


    Actually women really have better night vision than men because of the inner physiology condition. In order to improve the night vision, you could intake more food with vitamin A which is very helpful. You should take notice of the food with vitamin A, eating more carrots. That is very useful. You should just protect your eyes carefully.
  • Shelby


    It is not a fixed rule that women have better night vision than men. On one hand, women have better vision in a dark environment than men, especially women are more sensitive to red light. But on the other hand, men possess the vision which is more suitable for the space with ling distance and small scope. Therefore, men possess a safer vision than women when seeing objects in long distance at night. Besides, almost all of the women get a kind of night blindness, so they can not well judge the movement of the cars in front and behind, while men are better at doing it. In total, men possess better vision than women.
  • emkat_rodd


    Naturally, women have better peripheral vision because they gathered food for their families. Men are born with stronger straight-on vision for hunting purposes.Men are also 17 times more likely to be color-blind than women. Color blindness is probably on the X chromosomes. Women have two copies, so they both have to be bad for a woman to be color-blind.