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What do your eyes look like when you're drunk?

Who can tell me what people' s eyes will look like when they are drunk? Will they look terrible?
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Answers (2)

  • Jennifer

    Yes, it looks terrible. If you are drank, your eyes will congest, puff up or eye pain. I once was drank, even the next day I still felt bad. I felt dizzy all the day, and wanted to vomit. And I didn't want to eat anything. My eyes looked red and puffed up. So if you have not experienced, you had better not try.
  • lova

    It depends. Some people's eyes will be full of blood streak and become hazy-blood shot eyes when they are drunk. Thus it is terrible because it looks as if their eyes were bleeding. But not all people have the same symptom. Some people's eyes do not become red, but they may be talkative, stumbling, coughing or vomiting when they are drunk.

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