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Jade james

Do teen men look better in designer glasses?

i dont wear glasses but do they look better if i wore designer ones?
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Answers (3)

  • some guys would think glasses can make them look cooler and more attractive . It depends on what you look like on them . If you are a always fashional man , they will add your charm perhaps . Just have a try .
  • Andrea

    Well, I can see that you would like to make your looks better through wearing designer glasses. So, as a matter of fact, it is true that some designer glasses would make you appear to be more attractive. But you should know that most of those designer glasses are made for adults and they might be very pricey. So, I recommend non-prescription glasses to you, you don't have to care about the brand, because their design is the key. Have a look at Alibaba website and you could see a lot of nice non-prescription glasses.
  • walker67

    Yes, you will absolutely look better when you wear the designer ones. The designer glasses are always excellent at the design which will be special sometimes. You could also look better at the look. Although the designer glasses are a little expensive, they are worthy to be owned because of the high quality and fashionable design.

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