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Vanessa george


How often do we blink our eyes?

I know it is a funny question. Buy can you guys tell me how often do we blink our eyes?
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  • coldnd


    The rate of blink eyes are varies from person to person. But i heard that the average a person will blink 17,000 times in one day. Personally, i don't think that i have blink so much times of eyes. Usually we blink eyes to release discomfort in the eyes. In fact, blinking eyes can moist our eyes. It is really good for eyes. However, people who focus on computer or video games, they may not forget to blink eyes thus to cause eye strain. This is why some people are suggested to blink eyes more when they see computer.
  • Mya harris


    Blinking is a kind of normal physiological phenomenon. On the condition of feeling quite and relaxed, the average frequency of blinking is once every five seconds, 15 to 20 times every minutes. And adults usually blink only three times per minute. In the 16 wakening hours in a day, each person blink about 11.5 thousand times. When people get excited, confused, nervous or anxious, the frequency of blinking will accordingly increase. But after people get relaxed again, the frequency of blinking will get back to the normal level. The function of eye blinking is to make the lacrimal film distribute properly on the surface of the eyeballs so as to avoid dry eyeballs and damage from dust and dirt.
  • Todd


    On average, a person blinks his eyes 16 times per minute, about 15,000 times a day. Blinking is a voluntary eye action. It can protect the eyes from external irritants as well as keep the eyes moist and lubricate. But you need to be on the alert if you blink more times than the average count because under such circumstances, it indicates that your eyes are intruded by dust, eye makeup, allergens or contact lenses or sometimes it can be a sign of poor vision, blurred vision, blind spots, floaters or other eye disease. For example, those who suffer from dry eyes are prone to blink eyes more. By the way, you will find it interesting that most people blink more frequently if they lie or they are seized with the feeling like fear, anxiety or worry.