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Do eyes fade with age?

People say that our eyes will fade with our age, really?
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  • Trinity rose

    Yes. Although the color of our eyes are born to be. But out age, personality and experience can change the look of our eyes. This is why people say that eyes are the widow of mind. As for the eyes fade with age, this is caused by toxins. As we getting older, our eyes will less and less stomach acid that cause more toxins to be produced. If your toxins increased in your body, it can change the light and color of your eyes to some extent. Besides, some eye diseases, vision problems can also make your eyes color fade away.
  • baker

    Yes, some people' s eye colors will change with time going on. This is caused by the changing of pupil size. However, it can not change your eye color to great extent, just change a little bit. Maybe your eye color will change with age but you should know that your eye color will not change too much. And it is even hard to find that your eye color already changes. However, if you really want to change your eye color, you might as well try colored contacts. You can get different colors of eyes whenever you want.

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