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Ana evelyn

What are the symptoms of blepharitis?

Do you guys know the symptoms of blepharitis? How can I tell them?
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  • Brian Clem

    Blepharitis is a type of infection or inflammation on the eyelids. And blepharitis may cause many discomfort in the eyes. For example, watery eyes, red eyes and itchy eyes are the most common symptoms. Some people even experience burning in the eyes, sensitive to light. Still, some people may suffer flaking of the skin around the eyes. But those symptoms may also caused by many other eye infection or eye diseases. So, you'd better consult an eye doctor for a better treatment.
  • Striker

    In terms of this, it contains watery eyes, red eyes and sometimes even itchy eyes. By the way, if you don' t cure this in time, it will be very likely that you may cause some other problems such as sore eyes or even worse, an eye infection. Besides, you may also even get dry eyes and don' t panic because of that cuz panic will only worse your problems and you really need to be calm for this situation.

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