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Can people be born with black eyes ?

Is it possible that a person can be born with black eyes?
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  • Shirley

    No, it is impossible to get black eyes. Black eyes are usually describe people with a bruise and puffy skin around the eyes. And black eyes can be caused by a hit or a hurt in a accident. So, black eyes are caused by exogenous process, and it won’t inherent to baby. So, people won't born to be black eyes. Also, people won’t got black eyes fro no reason.
  • cherrygaru

    So far, i never meet people got black eyes when they are born. Even if your parent suffered black eyes, it won't pass to the baby. As we know, the black eyes are caused by a hit. It is not a diseases. And black eyes can go away as times goes by. Of course, if you suffered from black eyes in cases, you can apply cold compresses to help you. Besides, taking more vitamine C can help the healing of black eyes.

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