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Why i can't read with my progressive glasses?

It is very strange that I can' t read with my progressive glasses. What causes that?
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  • Victor Lee


    Just because your lenses are progressive doesn't mean you can't also have reading glasses, or PC glasses, or both. Separate reading and/or PC lenses are a lot more comfortable than trying to read or use a PC using just the little amount of space a progressive lens gives you. I am much happier having 3 pairs of glasses (progressives, reading and PC) than I was trying to make one do everything.
  • Christina


    This is quite normal,friend.Not only u,but also a lot of other people have found it so hard to get used to their progressive glasses.I guess people just need progressive glasses when they work in front of the computers or read.I strongly object u to walk when u wear them.I have to remind u that it may cause u to fall down quite easily if u wear them when walking.It is said that people at least have to take one week to get used to their progressive glasses.And a lot of people even have to take longer time such as one month and even more.That is why u don't need to worry about this.
  • handyhands


    If you can't red with progressive glasses, you may get improper progressive glasses. You shall know that the progressive glasses shall made strictly according to your prescription so as to provide your vision aids. Besides, If this is the your first pair progressive glasses, you need sometimes to adapt the lenses. Usually, you shall not move your head if you want to change your focus. You shall try move your eyes to adjust the your focus through the lenses.