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Caleb may

Do I need bifocal contact lenses and how bifocal contacts work?

I wear glasses for reading and my long distance vision is excellent. I would love to have a pair of bifocal contact lenses, just for reading ... I don't need them for vision. Does anyone know anything about these, do they work, are they hard to get used to, etc. Any info would be great!

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  • you can get bifocal contact lenses that have just a reading zone as you have excellent distance vision . Many people find this more convenient and attractive than wearing reading glasses.If you have adapted to bifocal, trifocal, or progressive eyeglass lenses, you will already understand the basics of using translating bifocal contact lenses, in which the distance zone is straight ahead and above center, while the reading zone is lower. With simultaneous designs, your eyes will learn to focus near or far as needed.

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