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How to Make Eyes Look Hazel?

I have brown eyes. I want to make my eyes look hazel, because I heard that hazel eyes will change color naturally. And hazel eyes are very beautiful. Can you give me some suggestions? Can I use lemon to lighten my eyes?

Answers (2)

  • walkaboutpnw

    I heard that hazel eyes will change color too. But I don't think lemon juice can help lighten your eyes. The acid in the lemon juice will hurt our eyes. So don't do this. If you want to change the color of your eyes, you can buy few pairs of color contacts. But if you don't have any vision problems, you'd better not wear contacts for contacts may bring some problems such as dry eye or infections.
  • cheesykittycat

    The eye color will change with our age. The gene in our DNA decides what color our eyes are. So I think we can't change the color of our eyes permanently. But if we wear color contacts, they will make our eyes look more beautiful sometimes. Don't use lemon juice to hurt your eyes. I think this will cause red and puffy eyes because there are acids in the lemon juice. If you want to improve your eyesight, you can eat lemon juice.

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