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Yaron Cheng

What Does the Sun Do to Your Eyes ?

I am sensitive to sunlight. I heard that sun can damage our eyes. Can you tell me what does sun do to our eyes?
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  • John clark

    Yes, sun can do damage to our eyes. When we are in the outside, our eyes will tear or squint to the bright light. At this time, our eyes are creating a natural defense against UV ray. The UV rays are harmful and can affect our eyes. We may get eye disease years later. But we can wear sunglasses on every sunny day to block the UV rays and harsh sunlight. I saw that Firmoo is holding its 4th anniversary celebration to giving back its customers and community. You may get a pair of good sunglasses with less money. Hope you good luck!
  • Danielle lewis

    The UV rays from the sun will do damage to our eyes after years of unprotected. Our eyes may eventually suffer from vision problems and eye diseases (UV-related illnesses) such as cataracts, skin cancer and macular degeneration. You can wear sunglasses that are at least UV400 to block the UV rays. If you suffered sunburn, you could place a cold compress over your eyes for 15 minutes every hour.

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